Top 5 Bars to Watch the 2014 World Series

Giants_2014_NLCSBy Laura Braden

Originally posted: October 23, 2o12

Updated: October 16, 2014!

Did you hear that the San Francisco Giants are in the 2014 World Series?

As someone who has lived all over the country but never in a “baseball town,” I am stoked to see Midtown come alive as we root for and celebrate our friends in the City by the Bay.

And if you’re not able to score tickets or a seat on the shuttle party bus to/from the city, here are my top five picks for the best bars to watch the games…

1. KBAR (1000 K Street)

  • Monday night happy hour ($2 well/beer and food menu).
  • Solid kitchen talent, really nice staff and lots of seating and TVs.
  • One of the only bars in town that serves top-notch Ice Picks, and it’s super close to the Capital (i.e. crawling distance from most of our offices).

2. Firestone Public House (1132 16th Street)

  • Also close to the Capital.
  • Largest TV situation in Midtown.
  • One of the best menus (a true high-end sports bar) with dozens of beers on tap.

3. Golden Bear (2326 K Street)

  • Biggest dive den with the most Midtown character/history on the list.
  • Did I mention a front and back patio?
  • The only downside is the number of TVs, but the crowd is almost always comprised of true, diehard Midtowners.
  • Did I mention cheap drinks and a laidback/friendly vibe?

4. Pour House (1910 Q Street)

  • Best part of this bar? Table taps. Head there early to score a table, and you won’t have to move the entire night.
  • Second best part of this bar? When the train coasts by, patrons can purchase $2 shots of Jack Daniels.
  • They also have plenty of seating and TVs with a back bar and a patio.
  • Only downside? The crowd can sometimes be…a little young, but if you go with a big group (and of course you will), get excited for a rocking game.

5. R15 (1431 R Street)

  • Another ole’timer on the list (relatively speaking), they’re known for their diehard Giants fan base. Some of my favorite people have great memories here from the last time the Giants won the World Series.
  • They also have pool tables, side rooms and are located right next to light rail.
  • R Street is a great spot for a post-celebratory pub crawl (i.e. Shady Lady late-night-style).

And because Tumblr is the frontline of social networking trend-setting, here are some of the best photos, GIFs and memes so far…




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