GOTG Favorite Coffee Spots in Sacramento

Did coffee really happen if you don’t take a picture of it??  There have been tons of photos all over social media in support of Specialty Coffee Week (Oct. 13-19) and it has been amazing! It’s not like we needed another reason to down a cup or two, however, this week was our chance to check out some of Sacramento’s amazing brews.

Did you know that Sacramento was named in the top 5 list of the country’s up-and-coming coffee cities? We’ve created a “coffee scene” and well that’s something to celebrate!

In case you were looking to check out a new place  or needed a recommendation – your Girls on the Grid have got you covered. Check out our favorite places and what we order!

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Jamee V: Old Soul at Forty Acres is our go to spot. Typically, I order an iced coffee but sometimes I splurge on an iced vanilla latte. Hands down, best in Sac.


Leia O: Espresso from Insight. Best pull in Sacramento.


Meghan S: Insight Coffee. If I’m splurging., It’s a mocha from Insight. Otherwise just whatever the brewed coffee is.


Julia T: My favorite is the “flat white” from Chocolate Fish. It’s basically a mini-latte and it packs a punch.


Lyndsey R: Old Soul at The Weatherstone. I usually order an ice soy vanilla latte! YUMMY!


Lisa M: Tupelo. I like the iced coffee black and they have a passion fruit iced teat that’s really refreshing and not too sweet.


Kellie E: I’m a Temple girl myself. My go to is a soy latte. I’ve tried all the local places but I always end up back at Temple. I also want to try their Bliss. It’s not coffee but peppermint tea coconut milk and honey. Yum.


Kellie L: My favorite drink is the Mexican mocha from Fluid Espresso Bar – they use Mexican chocolate that has cardamom, cinnamon, and other spices in it. It is the best! Also my other fav, especially right now, is their Pumpkin Spice latte – they use actual, real pumpkin in their drink instead of flavored syrup! Take that, Starbucks!


Tracy A: Cappuccino at Temple


Anderson: I fell in love with Dutch Bros in Southern Oregon and was so excited to see them spring up here in California. I love their Cocomo. A coconut infused treat. Not your regular cup of joe.


Chantel E: The Mill! Everything is amazing but my most recent favorite is a chai latte.


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