Stones Gambling Hall, Girls on the Grid Style

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A few weeks ago Girls on the Grid was invited to come out and experience the newest casino in Sacramento – Stones Gambling Hall .  Stones is located on Antelope off Business 80 – so not exactly on the grid, but to show us what they are working with, a party bus was provided so the ladies could experience all the amenities the casino had to offer.  After a quick 20 minute ride (and a glass or two of champagne) we arrived and were greeted by a super sweet staff that was prepared to wine and dine us VIP style.  We drank, ate, had a little black jack training and then hit the tables to try our luck.  Basically we had a fabulous time!

The Vibe: Not your typical casino.  I will be the first to admit as a female I am not always the most comfortable when I walk into a casino.  There usually aren’t ANY windows and the word dingy comes to mind.

Stones is the exact opposite. From the front doors straight through the back of the building there are TONS of windows.  The natural light pours in and the blue, red and yellow stained glass on the back wall behind the bar offers a classy ambiance.  The vibe is more of a relaxed mini Vegas but…with windows . The architecture is really lovely and modern with warm woods to keep it comfortable and classy.  We were all pretty impressed with the overall details of the architecture and ambiance.

Price Range: Two parter – For food the resident restaurant is Sammy’s and it is delicious.  The price range is anywhere from $10-30 per person depending on what you order – they have small plates and regular meal options and it is all really reasonable. As for gambling, well some of us were bigger spenders than other – so that price range can be $-$$$$ in a hurry.  The tables have a $10 minimum typically (sometimes $5) so with that in mind take what you are comfortable spending.

What to Wear or Not Wear:  You can probably get away with wearing pretty much anything, but we tend to think when you go gambling luck has an easier time finding you when you are a little gussied up.  All of us wore cute Friday evening out attire – dresses, skinny jeans, wedges, a red lip….you get the idea.

What to Order:  The duck tacos.  Hands down all of us couldn’t get enough.  We also sampled the crispy coconut shrimp skewers, Thai chicken satay, margherita pizza, brie cheese and truffle oil pizza and mini Kobe beef sliders.  It was all delicious but the duck tacos stuck in everyone’s brain the most. Stones had a few drink specials for us – and the Skinny Q (Cucumber vodka, St. Germain, Lemon wedge, club soda) was a big hit.  You can’t go wrong if you order any of the stuff we sampled.


Who are the owners or chef and what is their unique story?:  Developer Ryan Stone from Kings Casino, LLC of San Diego invested $15 million in this new casino which includes two card rooms, 180-seat bar and restaurant, 50 HD flat screen TV’s and over 25,000 square feet of modern décor. Chef Alex is from Las Vegas, has over 20+ years experience preparing fine cuisine and has been with Sammy’s Restaurant and Bar for over 7 years

photo 4
GOTG at Stones Casino!

Food for Thought: 

  • Sammy’s Restaurant is originally a Vegas establishment and has 16 other locations
  • The Bull bust in the Poker room is named Twister and came from Texas. He is a little piece of pride.
  • Children can dine as Sammy’s Restaurant!
  • The Messy Sundae will blow your mind
  • Stones offers instructional tables!  If you want to learn how to play Blackjack they can arrange lessons for a party of people if you inquire.

Basically  this place gets two thumbs up from us. Our only suggestion? Stones should offer a regular bus to the midtown/ downtown area for people that would like to experience all it has to offer.




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Featured Image: Stones Gambling Hall Yelp Page


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