How to Prioritize your 'Girls Night Out'

By Stephanie Ganiban
Do you crave a girls night? Are you even a girl? Jokes aside, as we age like fine wine, time with girlfriends must be planned out in advance. Each friendship thrives differently, but there is something to be said about getting together with a group of your girls and eating good food, drinking libations, and gabbing for awhile.

Almost three years ago, I sat and pondered how it was getting harder and harder to get a group together. I didn’t care if was to just sit and talk, or get drunk and go dancing, or just a dinner out. It virtually seemed impossible with work schedules, children (fur or the human type), extra curricular activities, and just plain life.

So, as the planner, also dubbed ‘Elmer Glue’ by a few in our friend circle. I came up with an idea. I mean, I cannot take credit for the whole ‘Girls Night’ movement, but I can say that I helped to create a streamlined process for our group of ladies to succeed at actively hanging out once a month. I emailed everyone my idea – let’s select one specific day of the month and make that our Girls Night. Everyone will know, in our case, it’s the first Thursday of every month. Not only will the girls know, they’re husbands/boy friends/boy toys, and they’re children will know this specific date and time is set aside for Girls Night. There is no expectation that you be at any or all, rather it is an open door invitation to hang out with your girls at least once a month.

I’m confident in my tips because we’ve been going strong for almost 3 years (in November). Each month we are reminded how amazing it feels to be surrounded by beautiful, strong, family oriented, smart, and caring women who build each other up.

5 Things to Maintain A Successful & Ongoing Girls Night:

1. Use e-vite for each GNO – it helps with attendance and what to bring for each GN.
Pick one day and stick with it, we use the first Thursday of every month. It rarely ever changes, unless it coincides with a big holiday!
3. Meet at a restaurant every once in awhile, so there is no pressure to cook.
4. Always bring something that is shareable and that most people like, no one says you have to cook.
5. Have amazing girlfriends (and kidlets) who you want to see at least once a month 😉
Stephanie and her ladies! Girls Night PJ Gift exchange 2013!


If you would have asked me if I thought we’d be still going strong, three years into it, I probably would have been hesitant to say ‘yes.’ But as I reflect and think about the process, this group of women has a bond that I never expected. I feel confident in saying each one of these fabulous ladies has seen friendships strengthen, experienced personal growth, been actively present for huge life events for one another, and made ‘Girls Night’ a priority in each of our lives. This structured, yet very relaxed organization of Girls Night’s just seem to work for us. As the anniversary of our first monthly Girls Night approaches, we will all reminisce about the women we were three years ago to the women we’ve grown to become, because of these friendships and monthly Girls Nights we prioritize in our lives.

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