Sacramento Cool Treats for the Fall Heat!

By Kellie Edison, Danielle Ball, Kelli Gould, Tracy Arnold, Jamee Villa

One thing we at GOTG love are cool and delicious treats.  There’s nothing like a cold treat on a hot day and while it is technically Fall now with yesterdays teaser rain, it is forcasted to be in the high 80’s for the next week! The Girls on the Grid contributors are sharing a round up of  our favorite local cool treats that you should get your hands on before the weather officially cools down.

Kellie Conway Edison:

The Parlor Puffs Ice Cream – It’s a little bit off the grid, located in arden arcade, but it’s worth it!  They have only been open since the end of July, but anytime I’m around the area, there is always a line out the door.  Basically, it’s ice cream filled donuts.  So two of the best treats rolled into one! They offer apple fritters,plain,glazed donuts and an ever changing unique variety of ice cream flavors.  Earl Grey, Cake Batter and Salted Caramel seem to be favorites.  When my husband and I visited, a guy outside finished his donut and turns to the group of people eating and says “You know…we are horrible people…donuts filled with ice cream?!” and walked away.  We aren’t horrible, sometimes you just need the ultimate treat!

parlor puff

Devine Gelataria – We usually head over to Capital Confections for gelato, or whole foods, since they are by our house, but we decided to head to midtown and check out Devine. We weren’t sorry we did!  They have a HUGE selection of gelato flavors and since you inevitably won’t be able to choose which one you want, get a size medium so you can get two flavors.  You can thank me later.

Rick’s Dessert Diner – An oldie but a goodie, Ricks recently moved to a new location with a MUCH bigger seating area and a better way to contain their never ending line. Hit up Ricks while summer nights are still warm and satisfy your sweet tooth.  Here, I tend to be a purist and get whatever is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Danielle Ball: Cleary’s Ice Cream and Candy Bar – Looking for an original treat with a side of sweets to go? Look no further than Cleary’s in Loehmann’s Plaza. Step one is to choose from either vanilla soft serve or creamy custard. (To be honest, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, they’re very similar.) Next, you can choose to have them mix in flavors or toppings of your choosing. While they mix up your frozen delicacy, you might as well pick out some candy for tomorrow.  The treat shop is owned by two sisters who grew up in Sacramento and are committed to the community. They wanted to create a space where families and children could gather and treat themselves after a long week. I think they’ve succeeded.

Kelli Breton: Cream Nation –  is relatively new to our area (and unfortunately not on Sacramento’s Grid) but still WAY worth mentioning. Cream in Davis opened on F Street in Davis last year and it has been creating a buzz since that first tray of cookies came out of the oven. Their menu is every sweet tooth’s dream, offering brownies, milkshakes, malts, floats, fruit bars, and ice cream tacos. Yes, you heard right. I said Ice. Cream. Tacos. But, if you are going to stick with their specialty, the ice cream sandwich, let me tell you how it works. First, check out their cookie selection. They have it all – turtle cookies (chocolate, caramel & peanuts), butter sugar, lemon heaven, and double chocolate chip, just to name a few. Even gluten free and vegan options as well! Here’s where it gets wild – you can pick a different kind of cookie for each side! Are you crying yet? Because I am. Next, try to pick just one flavor of ice cream. Or you could be like me and get a double scoop (let’s keep that our little secret). The lovely Cream staff will begin to build your creation and boom – you have a slice of heaven right in the palm of your hand. Need some help deciding what to order? Try one lemon heaven cookie, one butter sugar cookie and order it with the strawberry ice cream.

 Other GOTG Local Favorites worth mentioning:

Tracy Arnold: Ice Cream Sandwhiches at Magpie on R & 15th are a must try!

Jamee Villa: Vic’s Ice Cream in Land Park is a Sacramento Staple.

Did we miss anything?  Share your favorite local spot and favorite chilled sweet below in the comments!


photo source: The Parlor Ice Cream Puff and Pixabay

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