Good Karma! – A Review of Karma Brew Sacramento

By Chelsea Irvine

On a recent sunny Sunday Funday, my roomie and I were trying to find a place to drown our sorrows after a last minute Team USA loss in the
Karma BrewWorld Cup and we stumbled on the loveliest of new downtown spots, Karma Brew, which opened early this year.  A fabulous find on 16th and P Streets, we popped into Karma Brew for a quick drink, but started chatting up a handsome gentlemen enjoying a pint (my roomie is a clutch wingman, but that’s for another post), invited some friends to join us, made friends with Karma’s charming owner, Anthony, and ended up hanging at this fun little joint for hours.  Boy did we score.  I can’t recommend this place enough after many, many subsequent visits.

The Vibe: Think funky European pub with a classy flare.  The bar is dark, small and welcoming.  There are board games to play and a lovely patio to people watch busy Freemont Park.  Owner Anthony Sadeghi is a gem and is great to chat with.  He shared with us that he wants his place to be unique in the area, not cookie cutter or corporate like many of us are used to.  He aims to create interesting drinks utilizing beer and wine (no booze here, but it’s not needed).

Price Range: Very wallet-friendly.  Beers are all between $5 and $7 and run the gamut from lighter beers (albeit still unique) to dark stouts that will put hair on your chest. Wine is reasonable and sangria is a steal at $5. Food is also a good deal with everything under $15.

What to Wear: Anything.  We’ve been in wearing our 100-degree-weather shorts and tanks, as well as sporting our swanky cocktail dresses or work attire.

What to Order: Sangria.  I have never been a fan of the drink, as I am a bold red wine purist, but Anthony has me hooked.  An interesting blend of spices and a variety of fruit, Anthony tops his version with a dusting of cinnamon.  It was delish; definitely a drink you can eat with a fork.

The beer selection is great and Anthony is very knowledgeable when it comes to making suggestions. Karma also has other cocktail blends, including one with apple juice, craft beer and champagne, sort of his ode to trendy ciders.  But beware; it does have beer in it for those who are actually gluten free.

Another unique offering is the 50 different kinds of tea Karma keeps on hand.  This will be great when the weather turns chilly and you need to defrost.  Anthony told us that he is also working on an espresso/port concoction that we are dying to try come fall.

We’ve had the cheese plate and it is very tasty and more than enough to share.  The plate included a great selection of cheeses with yummy fruits to pair with it and plenty of lavash or bread to last through all the cheese.  (Am I the only one who gets totally annoyed when your amazing cheese platter comes with, like, three pieces of bread?  Come on, it’s bread!  Give me enough to at least pretend to last through the cheese! #endrant)

Karma also has salads, soups, sandwiches and plenty of veggie options (hooray!).

Food for Thought: Midtown has a lot of choices when it comes to grabbing drinks and dinner, but Karma’s unique approach and friendly owner makes all the difference.  Anthony sincerely cares about making his space welcoming and his product is top notch.  He’s been very interested in our two cents when we’ve visited and I can tell he is going to continue to be a top spot on the Grid.

PS – For those like me who are suckers for trivia, Anthony also started doing trivia on Sunday nights at 8:00pm.  I know we are planning on hitting it up ASAP.  Anthony is already working on a happy hour, with a menu coming out soon.  So if you and your friends are craving a great craft beer, a glass of wine, some sangria or a delicious cheese plate, Karma is your place.  I’ll be at the bar if you need me.


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  1. Warren says

    Loved the review piece enjoyed your writing. You made me wish I was there when you were. LOL wing girl would have had good company. 

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