Pour House – New Menu, New Experience

By: Chantel Elder, Rachel Smith, Cristina Guccione

Pour House  is located at  1910 Q Street Sacramento (Facebook)

Girls on the Grid was invited out to Pour House to sample an updated menu and experience the new vibe of the 2 year old Sacramento restaurant and bar.  Originally when Pour House opened back in 2012 it was acknowledged as a bar that was perfectly on trend with the speakeasy vibe right down to the bartenders with groomed facial hair and suspenders & bow ties.  Rather than continue with that theme –  the idea men behind Pour House decided to reinvent the vibe and go in a whole new direction.

Before we sampled the fare we started with a shot of whiskey and a pickle back to get us going!

Pour House 1
photo credit: Cope from 916pix.com


The Vibe: Laid back.  The warm wood interior is still in tact and just as beautiful as before. There are taps on the tables and the staff has ditched the “dress up” policy and sticks to a regular uniform of branded shirts and jeans.

Price Range:  Very, very reasonable.  The most expensive thing on the menu is a steak at $17.75.  Happy hour prices are $3-$5 and a full meal is on average $10.  There is a nice salad selection and the prices range from $7.75 – $12.50

What to Wear or not wear:  Anything from work wear at lunch to jeans and a comfy T to a cute Friday night number.  This place is laid back but has wiggle room to get a little fancy if you want with your attire.


What to Order:  We tried a large variety from the menu and we can put the GOTG rubber stamp of yum approval on these items!

  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Mac n’ Cheese
  • Pour House Turkey Sandwich
  • Bolognese (Cristina is pretty hard core Italian and thought this was delish!)
  • Dirty Bird – Chicken Sandwich (Chantel’s favorite – those pickles hmmmm)

IMG_7395 IMG_7396











Who are the owners or chef and what is their unique story?:  Lauren McKay is the restaurant chef!  We met her and she was a total sweet heart!

GOTG with Pour House Chef
GOTG with Chef Lauren McKay – photo credit: Cope from 916pix.com

Food for Thought: 

  • If you like whiskey this place is a must try with over 100 different whiskeys available
  • Thursday Night Jam Sessions with James Cavern – warning – this is for the talented. Think Sacramento’s Got Talent.  This is an open mic type weekly event but the regular participators are very skilled providing quality entertainment in a really mellow and local format.
  • Board Games are available!  If you feel like playing a little Janga, Operation or Battleship with your beer or whisky, they’ve got it.
  • Their Moonshine is homemade.  Oh yeah – They have moonshine!
  • The back area of the bar is a full Vapour House and has hooka, ecigs etc.
  • Pour House is open for Lunch!



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