Utility Boxes Transformed into Public Art

By Laura Braden

Laura Braden, Advisor and Co-Founder
Laura Braden

Is it just me or has the amount of public art skyrocketed on the grid? From bright murals covering the sides of boring buildings to bike racks that look like the Tower Bridge, public art adds to the character and charm of Sacramento.

My newest favorite project? The 31 utility boxes throughout the grid that feature unique scenes from a variety of local artists. Dubbed the “Capitol Box Art Project,” it aims to beautify our streets and celebrate Sacramento. From the website:

In January 2014, the Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) & the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC) received qualifications from local artists to be considered for CADA’s “Capitol Box Art Project”. Artists were selected based on past work and paid to create a design (or designs) that was transferred to vinyl, and wrapped around a City of Sacramento traffic utility box.  The vision is that by using these “blank canvasses” as a platform for the artistic community graffiti will be eliminated creating a beautiful, safe, inclusive, and interesting environment for pedestrians and commuters alike.

So hit the grid and marvel in the art – it’ll brighten your day and make you even prouder to call Sacramento home.


Download the map at http://capitolboxart.com/map/.



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