“Life on the Go Kit”: How to Keep Your Bag Organized and Ready to go From Work to Wine Dates

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By Torey Van Oot 

I’ve never been big on bags.

As someone who’s prone to misplacing and forgetting essentials (like my wallet, MetroCard and iPhone), the prospect of changing purses each time I change my outfit is too much to handle. The style upgrade just isn’t worth the stress.

So when it comes to work and life, I stick to a simple Longchamp. It’s spacious and durable, yet effortlessly chic. I can bring it to the gym, the office or cocktails at neighborhood hot spot. My current carry-all is eggplant. I’m thinking about switching to the even more basic black this fall.

But even this minimalist approach to accessorizing isn’t foolproof when it comes to keeping myself organized, especially when it comes to work. While I don’t stuff my closet with purses and clutches, I DO stuff the few bags I use with way too much clutter. Printouts of research for stories filed months ago, receipts, coins, poop bags, deodorant, earrings. You name it, it’s probably in there. Somewhere.

Fed up with digging through my bag whenever I need a bobby pin, Band Aid or pen, I decided to put together what I like to call my “Life on the Go” kit. For less than $15, I picked up a cute (dog-themed!) pouch by Seltzer Goods at a neighborhood boutique to hold my daily essentials. Whether I’m running to work, errands, the gym or a wine date with my ladies, I now know I have supplies I may need in a pinch, no matter what life throws my way.

What you need, when you need it in a packed purse.

Here’s what I’ve packed in my pouch so far:

  • Some spare change and cash
  • Emergency hair savers (rubber bands, bobby pins, a comb)
  • Secret (because nothings worse than realizing you need to freshen up and having no deodorant on hand)
  • A mini lint roller to keep my clothes dog-hair free
  • Band-Aids
  • Visine
  • A pen
  • An iPhone charger (USB not pictured)
  • Tweezers
  • A hand mirror

If I know I’ll be going straight from work to dinner or happy hour, I’ll also throw in a Benefit make-up kit with eyeshadow and lip/cheek gloss (here’s an example). Some other ideas: gum, a spare apartment key, a MetroCard with $5 or so in fares, a Diamond Dazzle stick (for all your ladies with a ring on it), red wine wipes for your teeth, tampons, chapstick/lip gloss…the list could go on.

This kit has come in hand more times than I can count. If you’re not like me and love to mix up your bags, a pouch is a great way to transfer essentials or emergency supplies between purses.

Do you use a bag-within-a-bag method to stay organized and make sure you have supplies on hand? What would you put in your bag?

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