Java Mama in Folsom

By Kellie Conway Edson

Are you a mom of young children who feels like you can never hold a conversation for more than two minutes at a time?  Are you a friend of one of these moms? Hoping you can have a conversation for more than two minutes that isn’t about diapers or teething?  Then you need to visit Java Mama in Folsom.

I know it’s a bit off the grid, but I promise, it’s worth the drive! Upon arriving, Rachel, the store’s owner greets you with a warm smile and an energy that makes you feel right at home.  I brought my 5 month old in one afternoon to meet another one of my mom friends and have nothing but good things to say!

There are two play areas, one for bigger kids that includes supervised play.  For the big kid side, it costs $3.50 per child.

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For the babies side, parents join their children for play.  There are low stools for sitting on and plenty of toys to keep little ones busy.

There is even a little room with a big comfy chair for distraction-free nursing.

Java Mama serves Chocolate Fish coffee (yum!) and has tables for parents who want to do computer work, chat, or just have a moment’s peace while their children play.  They carry organic fruit snacks and yummy pastries.

They even offer events like free story times and other series, including baby signs and preschool yoga.

It’s a wonderful concept and a wonderful environment, and as a new mom I highly recommend them! Now when one of your mom friends bails saying  she can’t get together because she’s got the kids, you can take her to Java Mama, keeping the little ones happy while you catch up.

I asked Rachel if she thought they might eventually open a Java Mama in Sacramento, and her reply was “Maybe, someday.” One can only hope!

Big comfy chair for breast feeding in privacy
Big comfy chair for breast feeding in privacy
Clare enjoying the baby Einstein exersaucer
Clare enjoying the baby Einstein exersaucer

















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