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By Kearsten Shepard


Sun and Soil Juice Company is located at 1912 P Street. (WebsiteFacebook)

Sun and Soil Juice Company on 19th and P offers a one day juice cleanse. I’d never done a juice cleanse before and I have now done this one twice.  The first time was just a few weeks ago before my husband and I went to Hawaii on vacation. He actually agreed to do it with me and I found I had more will power than I had given myself credit for. Drinking the juice isn’t really that bad, for me it was more about the amount of juice you consume in each sitting. It often took me more than 30 minutes to drink any one juice, which felt like a lot during the process. I’ve outlined my experience with the one day cleanse below, including a review of each juice.

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9:00 a.m. – Lemon Snap (Filtered water, Lemon, Honey, Ginger, Cayenne.) This juice will wake you up! No coffee needed my friends. It has a major kick, mostly from the ginger, but the cayenne offers some heat as well. All in all, not a bad juice but all 16 ounces can be a lot of juice. It took me about 45 minutes to get through this one.

12:00 p.m. – Beta Boom (Orange, Carrot, Collards, Kale, and Filtered Water.) I actually liked this one a lot. The color is a bit off-putting, but the orange and carrot flavor combination makes up for it. I’m not sure if the collards or the kale gave it the aroma it had, but it was the most pungent smelling of the juices in my opinion. I found it easy to consume overall.

2:00 p.m. – Sweet Green (Apple, Cucumber, Spinach, Water, Lime, Ginger.) This was by far my favorite of all of the juices. It was light, bright, and gave me energy in the middle of the day. I really enjoyed the Sweet Green and would make this my go-to green juice in the future. I really liked the way the flavors worked together on this one and the sweetness of the apple and lime was just right – not too overpowering.

4:00 p.m. – Beauty & the Beet (Carrot, Beet, Apple, Ginger.) I know that carrot is listed as the first ingredient here, but all I could taste was beet. I generally like beets – I mean who doesn’t like a beet salad with goat cheese – but this was on a whole different level. The beet proved to be too much for me on this one and I forced it down as fast as I could. (On a side note, my husband didn’t mind this one at all, so it really has to do with your personal preferences. Also, I was able to sub this one out the second time around for another juice.)

6:00 p.m. – The Green Queen (Cucumber, Kale, Cilantro, Lime, Celery, Cayenne.) Overall this was a good juice but at this point I was getting pretty hungry and it didn’t seem to satisfy me the way the others did. It tasted good and was enjoyable but all I wanted was solid food. While the cleanse guidelines do allow for some food if needed. Specifically, if “you need to eat during your juice cleanse, choose organic vegetables, fruits/nuts and seeds”. While I was hungry I wanted to complete it without food.

8:00 p.m. –  V for Vanilla (Almond milk, Dates, Filtered Water, Vanilla, Garam Masala.) This was by far the best tasting “juice” but I was disappointed that it wasn’t sweeter. I was expecting this amazing desert “juice” at the end of all of this – a kind of reward for the successful completion – but instead got a large glass of sweetened almond milk.

All in all it wasn’t that bad. I was pretty cranky, but it was somewhat of a bonding experience for me and my husband. After completing the cleanse and eating well the remaining four days leading up to my vacation, I weighed in nearly 4 lbs lighter than the week before. It wasn’t my best day, but the results were well worth it. So much so that I decided to do it all again once I got back from vacation to help me detox and loose some of the weight I gained boozing it up in Hawaii. The second time around seemed much easier, probably because I was better prepared for what I was going to experience. Also, I was able to sub out one of the juices I didn’t really care for the last time around. If there is something you don’t like, let them know and the staff will work with you to find an alternative. I would recommend this to anyone looking to drop a few pounds and reset their system.

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Helpful hints for making it through a one-day juice cleanse:

  • Stay busy
  • Try to stay on the suggested time schedule
  • Drink a lot of water in between
  • Do it with someone else for motivation and additional support (if possible)


Editors Note: Sun and Soil Juice Company located at 1912 P Street also offers a full menu of cold pressed juices and smoothies, in addition to their 1-day cleanse package. They use fresh, local, organic ingredients and their juices are dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. And the best part, Sun and Soil is owned and operated by two local female entrepreneurs, Molly Brown & Tatiana Kaiser. Go check out Sun & Soil Juice Company next time you’re in the area! 

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