Demolition on Downtown Plaza Brings New Arena to Fruition

By Ashley Atilano

It was just a little over a year ago that Sacramento received the wonderful news that the Kings would be staying and a beautiful new arena would be built Downtown.  We’ve been celebrating ever since…

The new arena aptly named Sacramento Entertainment and Sports Center or ESC for short has its own website ( dedicated to keeping us Sacramentans informed.  You can check progress, view pictures and even follow ESC on all social media outlets. (Facebook, Twitter)

With all the controversy surrounding the arena since then it seemed that the ESC would be just that, news and never actually realized.  Petitions, rallies, countless blogs, and not so secret people funding STOP spent the last year trying to make sure that Downtown would never see the ESC.

The good news for us is that in just days time demolition will begin on the eastern part of Downtown Plaza and the construction for the ESC will be officially underway. Most of the demolition will take place between 8pm and 6am so look forward to lots of things going bump in the night if you live in the area.  The three phase process boasts that no jackhammers or explosives will be used and 90% of the materials will be recycled.

Normal construction hours will be Monday through Saturday 6am to 11pm.  If you feel like you’ll be missing out and want to get in on the action don’t fret because you’ll be able to watch the whole thing.  The Sacramento Kings have arranged a viewing window on 7th street between USF and 24 Hour Fitness, and also on 5th street between Macy’s and River City Brewery.  Many of the businesses on the opposite end will remain open so if you’re having a beer or taking a shopping trip you can peek in and check out the progress.  The arena is scheduled to open Fall 2016.

There’s so much excitement and anticipation, we just have to wait 796 days (but in the mean time it will be fun to watch it grow). Let the countdown begin!



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