Trick Pony Wood-Fired Pizza

By Lyndsey Reefer

My husband and I have been wanting to try new places around town, so when I noticed a new spot called Trick Pony (facebook, twitter) pop up on the Broderick Roadhouse facebook page and that they featured pizza on their menu I was in.


The Vibe: Trick Pony is on the corner of 21st and  S street in midtown (where Tuli Bistro used to be). It doesn’t have a flashy sign so if you blink, you will  pass right by it. It has a clean crisp feel to it once you get inside, plus a great patio seating area.

Price Range: Everything on the menu is $15.00 and under which is great! The pizzas are good for two people to split.

What to wear: Trick Pony is definitely a casual atmosphere, shorts, flip flops and sun-dresses are perfect.

What to Order: Well that’s the hard part, everything on the menu looks amazing. For a couple, I would suggest a salad and a pizza to share. They always have a salad special, which is fresh with in season vegetables.

  • The Caprese salad was to die for, such great flavors and so fresh.
  • The Margherita pizza with sausage was delicious, loved the thin crispy crust.

Note: The pizzas are also served with dipping sauces that give it that finishing touch.

They also offer a small variety of local beers, from Bike Dog Brewing Co., Track 7 Brewing Co. or Jackrabbit Brewing Co., wines are offered by the glass, 1/2 carafe or full carafe.

Who is behind this yumminess: Owners Rick Lobley, Melissa Sanchez and one of the co-owners of Brodricks Chris Jarosz. Paul Caravelli is the chef in charge.

Food for thought:

  • They have a great manager that walks around to each table to see how the food is and even asks for suggestions.
  • You cut your own pizza at the table, they even show you the proper way of cutting a pie.

All in all this Place is AMAZING! I would love to see the menu expanded upon a little bit.  Everything was so good I could imagine there just being MORE to try.  Trick Pony is new and delicious and once their staff gets their groove, I can imagine them being around for a very long time.

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