Attention Sacramento Animal Lovers and All-Around Do-Gooders

By contributors: Alicia Lewis and Lauren Kimzey

Feel like earning some extra karma credits? The Wild Life Center Association (WCA) is in desperate need of your time and money. The organization has fallen on hard times recently and lacks the necessary funding to sustain its vital operations after August 31st.

The Wildlife Care Association has been serving the Greater Sacramento Area for over 30 years, taking in around 6,000 injured and orphaned wild animals each year. Many public agencies are unable or ill-equipped to handle local wildlife and turn to the WCA to handle the medical care and rehabilitation needed to help release these animals back into their habitat.

Relying on the efforts of volunteers and minimal staff, the WCA has managed to keep its doors open even as incoming donations have plummeted in recent years. However, the fiscal reality is that unless an influx of funding materializes whether through donations or a grant (that’s where you come in), the facility would need to close its doors. This means not only would Sacramento lose an organization that accepts injured wild animals, but would also lose an educational facility that has helped the community and increase awareness on handling and interactions with injured animals.

Open your hearts (and wallets) Sacramento, and let’s show our wildlife friends some love!

Donations can be made directly to the WCA on their website:

Have some extra paper towels, pillow cases, or dish soap at your house…or just aching to hit-up Target? Consider checking out WCA wish list full of common, everyday supplies.

**All items can be dropped off at the WCA 7 days a week between the hours of 10am-6pm.
The Wildlife Care Association
5211 Patrol Rd. McClellan, Ca 95652


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