It's Baby Shower Season – Unique Gift Ideas

By Kellie Edson

How many baby showers have you been to this year?  How many more do you expect to attend?  If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s I imagine you can’t count that number on one hand.  It seems to be the season of babies.  Everyone’s having them.  And you have to, (I mean get to!), go to all of the showers and sprinkles* for these new bundles of joy.


*(A sprinkle is a baby shower for a second baby…yeah…I learned this term recently.)

While having just had a baby myself, I am an advocate for getting what someone has on their registry. Having said that, if you are tired of buying yet another diaper genie, I have a few suggestions for some unconventional, but unique and lovely gifts that are sure to make that new mom happy.

1)     Get her a custom hospital gown from Annie and Isabel.  I had the “Isabel” and it was really nice to have a gown that covered more than the standard hospital gown does.  While I didn’t use it so much in labor, as I labored mainly at home and in the tub at the hospital, it was nice for walking around the hospital after birth. (Plus this is a local Sacramento company, so you’re supporting a local business!)


hospital gowns

2)     Get her a Netflix gift certificate.  You spend a lot of the first month at home, recovering, on the couch or in bed, nursing your baby.  Binge watching Dexter or Grey’s Anatomy is a must.


3)     Get her a Citrus Lane gift subscription.  This is a subscription like  “Birchbox” but instead of a box of makeup, you get a box filled with mommy/baby items geared towards your child’s age.  I got a recyclable plastic teether toy this month that Clare loves to shake and grab as well as a “Mommy Hook” to carry things on.  Very cool.

4)     Get her a gift certificate to Herself Moms.  Then when she’s ready to get back out into the real world, she can meet other moms in a supportive environment, exercise and bond with her baby.







5)     Buy some postpartum doula hours.  A postpartum doula helps the new mom with whatever she needs after birth.  She can do chores, run errands, simply hold the baby while you shower, and provides emotional, non-judgmental support to help the mom with a smooth transition into new parenthood.  Luckily my mom got to stay with me for a month after Clare was born, but if she hadn’t been able to, I absolutely would have hired a postpartum doula.


With a unique gift you can show your pregnant friends that you aren’t just thinking about their adorable new bundle of joy, but that you are caring about THEM and helping them make the transition to parenthood a smooth one!


Editor’s note: Please remember to get a gift receipt when purchasing gifts off of a baby registry. 


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