BevMo! Opens in Midtown

By the Editors

The Midtown BevMo! is officially open for business! (As of 9:00am this morning – and yes, we’ve been counting the seconds).

If you love libations as much as we do, you’ve been anticipating the opening of Midtown Sacramento’s BevMo! store more than the new Kings arena…And that’s saying a whole lot.

We had the pleasure of attending a VIP grand opening celebration of the California-based company’s 152nd store last night. There have been some mixed emotions on a corporate company inhabiting the former Beat location – fear of big business coming in and taking away the character of our beloved neighborhood.

We’re here to tell you, you have nothing to worry about.

This is our take on a fabulous evening spent at BevMo!’s 152nd store located at 17th and J Streets…

We were wined, dined and charmed by Alan Johnson, BevMo!’s CEO, and his incredibly knowledgeable staff. When you think of BevMo!, you think of a typical corporate warehouse; this was anything but that. They did an amazing job of maintaining the character of the space, as seen by the exposed beams and natural lighting. Additionally, this location has made an concerted effort to feature local beers and wines. We asked Mr. Johnson a few questions about BevMo!’s decision to open their new store in Midtown.  Here are a few key things that stuck with us and will make us Bevmo! fans for life.

GOTG bevmo
GOTG and CEO of BevMo Alan Johnson (top left)

GOTG: Name three things people don’t know about BevMo! as a company…

AJ: Originally called Beverages and More,  our customers started referring to it as BevMo! and we liked it so much that we decided to officially change the name in 2000. We are celebrating our 20th birthday on Tuesday! (Almost legal!) We never thought we’d have more than 30 stores. We now have 152!

GOTG:  BevMo! employees are so helpful when you ask for suggestions – what kind of program do employees have to go through to be knowledgeable on your selection of libations?

AJ: A 12-week training program with a difficult exit exam that you must pass to be a BevMo! specialist.

GOTG: How do you respond to those who didn’t want a corporate chain moving into Midtown?

AJ: It’s simple. Don’t act like a big corporation, act like a small local business. (Editors note: they nailed it!!)

We were surprised by these facts!!

  • 80 percent of people who shop at liquor stores are men. News Alert!! 50 percent of BevMo! shoppers are women.
  • 20 percent of BevMo!’s assorted merchandise is local.
  • BevMo! provides seed money to our local farmers market!
  • Employees are recruited locally.
  • BevMo! delivers! – even if it’s just one bottle for a fee. Anything over a $500 purchase includes delivery.
  • If you are a big shopper don’t be surprised if you get a call from Alan Johnson himself because that is just one the ways he maintains a personal connection with BevMo! shoppers.
  • BevMo! employs over 300 people in the Sacramento Area.
  • Local artist Gina Rossi hand crafted unique welded bike racks that blend seamlessly with midtown (article on her talents coming soon!)
Local Artist Gina Rossi showing off her one of a kind bike racks


We wrapped up our evening with Mr. Johnson handing us each a bottle of “Unruly Red” wine that he purchased for us. He chose this (totally yummy) wine because he said it suited GOTG perfectly. (Yes, he actually reads our blog!!!). Hands down one of the best events we have been invited to. Cheers to BevMo! and welcome to the neighborhood!












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