The Best in Resources for New Moms: Herself Mom

By Kellie Edson

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write for GOTG, as I’ve been completely absorbed with pregnancy and now with my new baby girl!

Clare Rose, born Feb 19th

With Clare being my first, I of course had a lot of the “Holy crap I have a baby, what do I do now?” feelings.  Still do at times.  But what really helped me was finding community with other moms going through the same things.  And a wonderful place I’ve found this at is with Herself Moms.

Herself moms was created and is owned by Julie Hurst – who is just one of the sweetest most friendly ladies you’ll meet.  There are two stores, one in midtown and one in Roseville.

Herself offers SO many new resources for new moms, and it’s such a supportive and safe environment.  Which is really what you crave when you’re sleep deprived, covered in breast milk and just need a little adult interaction!

I’ve personally been to the Sweet Pea Yoga series and to the Postpartum Sculpt classes. Sweet Pea is adorable mommy-baby yoga where you get some stretching in and also get time to bond with your new baby – and meet other moms!  Postpartum Sculpt is a strengthening exercise class that helps you work on the areas that were most affected by pregnancy.  And did I mention – you can bring your baby with you!  Babies cry, moms nurse, change diapers, etc and it’s all normal.  You get to feel normal again.  I’ve loved both of these and plan on continuing to go.

Julie also offers prenatal yoga, classes to give you tools for labor, lactation consultants and so much more.  She even has a “meet the pediatrician” event a few times a year where you get to ask all of your burning questions about what happens when this little person about to enter your life gets sick.  My husband and I attended this while I was pregnant, and I filled a whole notepad with information and things that were “normal” for once Clare was here.

If you are pregnant, a new mom, or know a new mom in Sacramento, definitely check out Herself Moms!

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