Dishcrawl Comes to Sacramento!

By Kelli Breton

Dishcrawl is new to Sacramento. Out of our group of about 20 people, no one I had talked to had been a part of the crawl before so we all were anticipating what our evening on the Grid had in store for us. 

Emily, our lovely Dishcrawl Ambassador, had kept the details of our crawl top secret until 2 days before the event, when we received an email only telling us where to meet. The meeting place and first stop was LowBrau. I was happy to see that this because it is one of my favorite places to go – who doesn’t love sausage and beer?? When my lovely guest, Julie, and I arrived we were seated at a large table with the rest of our fellow crawlers. I love and hate the idea of sitting down to have dinner with a bunch of complete strangers. So, it was enjoyable, yet a little awkward. But I did meet some very lovely people with interesting stories and backgrounds which made the evening even more fun.

Now on to the good part – the food! Low Brau served us their traditional bratwurst on a sweet roll topped with Low Brau’s house sauerkraut, caramelized onions and bier cheese. Amazing, people. Simple amazing.This kind of dish is exactly why I am no longer vegan. Why would I want to torture myself and miss out on such delicacies??

Dishcrawl 5

Anyway, the fun didn’t stop there. Alongside the bratwurst, we were served duck fat fries. That’s right, I said DUCK FAT fries! And then, to balance it all out, we had a kale summer salad that was crisp, fresh and delicious. While we enjoyed the meal, Chef Tuohy visited with us, telling us all about the ingredients, preparation, etc.

After our time at Low Brau, Emily walked us to our next destination. We had no idea where we were going so just followed her around midtown until she stopped and let us know we had arrived! We stopped atAnatolian Table, a Turkish Bistro. I had walked past this restaurant several times and had been curious about it, so I was looking forward to trying it out. Our entree was the Chicken Satea. I was not impressed, however my dinner date, Julie (who is much more cultured than myself and has visited Istanbul), said it was delicious and reminded her of her time in Turkey. I will say that the restaurant had only one other table of diners that evening, so it is definitely not the most popular restaurant in the area. Although the small sliver of baklava and the warm pita bread was pretty amazing, it still isn’t enough to convince me to ever come back here.


Next stop was another new and unique place on the grid – Ancient Future / 24K Cafe. This is another place I have walked by several times but had never gone in. As soon as we walked in, I was impressed! The restaurant is underground and the ambiance of the whole center is very mysterious and romantic. The owners had closed the place down just for our group – talk about special treatment! This made a strong statement in how they want their guests to feel really welcome. The owner of the Cafe, Teresa Flint, gave our group some background information on the cafe and her vision for the business (there is also a holistic and wellness center on the main ground).

Teresa served us three courses; each course had an optional wine pairing. The first course was a Blue Corn Pancake with Chicken and Chile Colorado Sauce. This was very tasty and very unique.

 The next course was a Chicken Curry Crepe with Chocolate Sauce topped with mango marmalade. Even though I didn’t care for this dish, it was still a fun one to try and really portrayed the chef’s creativity with the combination of flavors.

Last, but not least – dessert! Teresa shared with us that she is an experienced chocolate connoisseur, so she was kind enough to let us enjoy her special skill! We were served three of her gourmet truffles – mayanspiced, curry and basil. Yes, a basil truffle! Sounds odd, doesn’t it? That one was actually my favorite! The lovely Teresa even had instructions for how to eat the truffles – bite it in half, let it sit on your tongue, then push it up to the roof of your mouth. Well I did that, but it tasted the same as just eating it normally! Teresa also made some pretty BIG promises with her truffles. Something about the chocolate inviting your limbic system to open up and somehow, someway you might just have an orgasmic experience!!! YES, in so many words, THAT was conveyed to us. So, we excitedly devoured the truffles….and waited…and waited. Unfortunately, there was no such experience had by anyone at my table, but the truffles were really delicious and the exotic assortment was fun to try. Just not THAT kind of fun. I will definitely return to 24K cafe. It was a really memorable experience and it was the perfect place to end the night!

If you are looking for a fun date night out or have a group of friends that want to try something new, I would definitely recommend trying a Dishcrawl! Hopefully I will be on the next one with you!

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