Sac Brew Bike Rolls Into Midtown

The crew ready to pedal!

We are so excited for the latest business venture here in Midtown (brought to us by Chris Ferren Cirino and his wife Sarah): Sac Brew Bike. This 15-passenger, wheels-of-fun allows you and your friends to pedal around town to various breweries in a safe and controlled manner. We had the pleasure of taking this bad boy out for a spin on Sunday (in 99 degree heat – hello butt sweat) and had a blast. It’s $25-$30 a seat which we think is a small price to pay for a fun few hours with friends or to meet new people. Below are some of our thoughts!


All smiles!

Aimee D: The SacBrewBike combines some of my favorite things about Sac: beer, biking and being surrounded by (drunken) friends. The brain child of Chris Ferren Cirino and his wife, the brew bike is really more of a pedal powered mini-trolley. After meeting up at Pine Cove, we were off! Chris had pre-arranged happy hour deals at some local stops (Rubicon, Der Biergarten and Low Brau), but when our group decided to beat the heat at Kupros he found a spot nearby to park the (monster of) a bike.

The brew bike is equipped with a sound system to get you pumped up to pedal faster, a much needed motivation on the home stretch. My favorite moment from the trip is definitely blasting ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ on J Street to the bemusement of the people passing by. Chris said other riders have also requested a karaoke component, that he’s working on incorporating. He’s also hoping to secure a more central launch point where riders can enjoy a pre-brew bike beverage before heading out. If you book a seat on the brew bike, you better be prepared to pedal and draw some attention doing it!


Chelsea I: When I heard we were getting an opportunity to try out the Sac Brew Bike, I was pumped! I’ve seen something similar in Nashville and Portland and it looked like a blast.  SBB did not disappoint!  Though I was surprised that you couldn’t drink ON the bike (which you find out from looking on the website), it’s totally not necessary.  The time in between bars is so short that you’d just be getting your beer and figuring out how to maneuver that beer while pedaling by the time you got to the next place.  Not to mention you do need to put a little effort into the pedaling, especially when you know some people aren’t necessarily splitting the workload (not naming names– KEVIN).  I’m sometimes an exercise overachiever, so I jumped at the chance to take one of the two front seats that they driver said were the hardest… And boy was it a workout.  By the end of the day, I totally felt like I burned off all those whiskey calories.  #Twofer

I’d warn people that you are going to feel like you are somewhat on display cruising through midtown, as obviously many people have yet to see SBB in action.  (Here’s hoping those random pictures of our dance-pedaling don’t end up on the wrong internet sites.)  Another helpful tip: wear close-toed shoes.

I would highly recommend SBB to anyone looking for a fun little adventure with a bunch of friends.  The host was a blast and totally flexible when we asked to adjust our route based on 100 degree heat and Memorial Day crowds.  Be ready to work for those beers, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be glad you worked off a couple calories (and maybe earned a few extra cocktails).


Meghan S: I had a blast, but I also worked my behind off (which was also quite sore the next day – I’m so not a bike rider).  Overall, I think Sac Brew Bike is a great new addition to our midtown activities. After my journey, I couldn’t help but think about the perfect group of people I’d want to take the ride with.  Those people included friends who would definitely keep pedaling.  But perhaps if the starting (and ending) point is not as far from the destinations, this wouldn’t matter as much? I would recommend the Sac Brew Bike, but with the following tips:

  1. Warn your companions – if you’re in a pedaling seat, you will be working! It’s no joke.
  2. Put together an awesome playlist. The music made things so much more fun, but constantly trying to DJ and changing songs kills some of the joyous momentum.
  3. Wear shoes that won’t fall off your feet and clothes that allow you to climb up on the seat and preferably wick the sweat away.


Rachel S: I think I know why Lance Armstrong took steroids. Biking is hard. Add vodka sodas to that and it’s a hot mess for me. However, it’s called Sac Brew Bike for a reason. If I didn’t want to partake in any physical activity, I could have taken a limo bar hopping. But that’s so 80’s. The new-new is definitely Sac Brew Bike. It’s an awesome way to get around town with your friends on a bike – without actually having to steer or pay attention to cars/traffic signals (thanks to el capitan Chris!). I had an absolute blast on this trip. Everyone on the bike was a friend, the music was blaring, and thighs were burning (earn those cocktails!). We stopped at Golden Bear and Kupros (you get to choose your own destinations when you have the whole bike!) I wish we could have spent more time at each bar, as it didn’t seem long enough, but obviously the bike operates on a specific timeline so totally get that we had to move on and stay on schedule. I definitely recommend you give it a try. It’s great for birthdays, bachelor(ette) parties, or just a fun day with your friends. Or, if you only go with a few friends it’s a great way to meet new people! Chris (owner and el capital) is super fun and even helps you pedal during the tough trek back home at the end of the session. Welcome to Midtown!


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