Makeup By Mandie in Midtown: Must-Have Products for Summer

By Rachel Smith & Photogrpahy by Chantel Elder

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Chantel, Mandie, and my giant unwashed bun

Professional makeup artist Mandie Fenrich has spent the last few months beautifying Midtown one face at a time inside the artsy walls of her new salon located in Amithyst Boutique at 1124 18th Street.

While she’s new to Midtown, she’s no amateur. Mandie started her makeup career ten years ago with MAC Cosmetics and went on to work for brands like Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Shu Uemura. I had no idea that those dudes (?!) have makeup lines, but they sound hella expensive and therefore she is now my offish go-to in Midtown for makeup tips. Added bonus: she does lash and eyebrow extensions and (much-needed) waxing.

Now, I believe it was Bruno Mars who told me via a soulful ballad back in 2010 that “I’m amazing just the way I am,” but he’s clearly never seen my face on the Monday morning after a long weekend aboard a house boat. Now, now ladies. Calm down. I’m not saying we need makeup to look good, but sometimes  it’s nice to add some freshness (and um, life) to our appearance. Amiright? The key is to know what you’re doing. Enter: Mandie.

With a summer full of parties, social gatherings, and whatnot fast approaching – Mandie shares with us some simple tips and product must-haves to enhance your natural look.

Mandie’s Essentials for Summer203235_25

1. Face Prep: Clear Aloe Vera keeps you from sweating (CVS, $6.29)

2. Brow Filler (if needed): DIPBROW by Anastasia (Sephora, $18)

3. Lashes: Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara (Target, $6.99)

4. Lips: Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick ($1.99, Walgreens)

5. Day Shadow (prevents creasing!): Pro Longwear Paint Pot (MAC, $20)

6. Evening Eyeliner: Stila Liquid Eye Liner (Sephora, $20)


"Basic makeup should be simple, glamorous, and should reflect your best possible version of yourself." - Mandie
“Basic makeup should be simple, glamorous, and should reflect your best possible version of yourself.” – Mandie

 Mandie’s Top Makeup Tips:

– Don’t skimp on brushes. Good brushes are key!

– Don’t waste money on lipstick and mascara. Drug stores carry great options.

– For the gal on the go (or in need of a quick fix), a red lip can work wonders for your face.

– Cobalt Blue is in the season (use SPARINGLY)

– Less is more. No one looks good with too much makeup.

– Have a professional match your foundation

– Shampoo your brushes once a week to keep them (and your face) clean

– Mention GOTG at booking, and get $50 off lash extensions!


There you have it, ladies! Can’t wait to see your faces.

Oh, but please don’t wear makeup to the gym. It’s unnecessary and it clogs your pores. Makeup doesn’t make you beautiful – your personality does. But take it from me, unwanted facial hair will ruin your life so definitely get that removed.


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