Maggy Krell: Candidate for Sacramento County District Attorney

Maggy and her husband Cary live in Sacramento, raising two wonderful children. In their free time, Maggy and Cary participate in the Tough Mudder, a rigorous run and obstacle course that raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

By Laura Braden

We don’t normally discuss campaigns at GOTG because there are plenty of other local blogs covering every possible political persuasion.  But we’ve decided to make exceptions when the policy issue really matters to women and/or when there are dynamic female candidates we feel our readers should know about.

So enter stage right: Maggy Krell.

Maggy (Website, Facebook, Twitter) is currently a Deputy Attorney General and formerly a Deputy District Attorney running for Sacramento District Attorney, which is a nonpartisan race. She’s handled some pretty nasty subject matter over the years including hard-core gangs, human trafficking, mortgage fraud, cold murder cases and domestic violence.

She’s running against Anne Marie Schubert and Todd Leras to replace the current Sacramento District Attorney Jan Scully, who has held the post for 20 years.

Maggy’s platform is focused on victim’s rights, human trafficking and realignment. And she’s made it clear that she wants to focus on prevention, build community coalitions and utilize best practices to make our community safer. Her endorsements include Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Kamala Harris, West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon and developers Bay Miry and Sotiris Kolokotronis…to name a few – check out the full list here.

I’ve met Maggy on a number of occasions and right away, you can tell she’s got that magical mix of personality and professionalism.  She’s approachable and thoughtful, but with a sharp directness that lets you know she can be tough as nails when needed. I also love that she’s 35 years old and has spent a lot of her career fighting human trafficking, which unfortunately is a huge issue for Sacramento.

The Bee’s Andy Furillo has one of best profiles I’ve seen on Maggy, including these great quotes:

“I know I’m the underdog and people didn’t want me doing this,” Krell said. “And now that I’m a real threat and have a chance to win, they definitely don’t want me doing it. But I think our community needs an outsider’s perspective on the DA’s Office. The office needs a shake-up, a refresh, and a chance to move in a new direction.”

“My parents went to hell and back to keep me out of trouble,” Krell said. “Not everybody’s parents can do that for them. That’s why part of this is my dedication to those kids who are at risk who don’t have the same kind of safety net that I did.”

I wanted to get to know more of the non-candidate side of her life/personality, and Maggy was happy to oblige:

Three words that describe Sacramento?

  • Humble, eclectic, nurturing

Favorite (local) guilty pleasure?

  • Chicken and waffles at Broderick’s in West Sacramento, but I’m past the point of feeling guilty about it.

Your perfect #SundayFunday?

  • Bowling on Freeport. My husband and I met at a bowling alley, his parents met at a bowling alley, and teaching our boys to throw a strike has provided many enjoyable Sunday afternoons for our family.

You’re a mom…wife…prosecutor. How do you do it?

  • I feel like I’m always one spilled bowl of cheerios away from a total meltdown. It’s hard—but at the same time I am so blessed to have a loving, healthy family and a career I am truly passionate about. I wake up early, stay up late and I don’t waste much time second-guessing.

Ok, your afternoon meetings just got canceled – what do you do with a few hours of free time?

  • OMG free time?!?!? Pick up my kids early and go out for ice cream.

Best advice you ever received?

  • Never ask permission to be in the room.

How do you think we can close the gap between men and women that hold elected office?

  • Women who are in elected office need to do a better job mentoring young women and seeking out future leaders. If I win, I will print this out and put it on my bulletin board.

Do women bring any unique skills or talents to the table when it comes to politics and holding elected office?

  • Absolutely—women can be acutely perceptive, incredibly skilled at multi-tasking as well as having the passion and compassion that it takes to make our community a better place.

What advice would you give women thinking about running for office?

  • To go for it—it’s been an incredible journey that I won’t regret, no matter what the result is.

So…that’s why I’m supporting Maggy Krell for Sacramento DA.

As always, get informed on the race and make your own decision…but be sure and vote on June 3. The District Attorney is too important of a position to not weigh in.

And if you support a woman running for office, we want to know about it! Submit a similar profile to girlsonthegrid AT

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