Verge Center for the Arts: TV Dinner Fundraiser

TV Dinner2By: Meghan Sullivan

You may be aware of a wonderful organization/community known as Verge Center for the Arts. Verge has been located at S and 7th for the past four years but recently was able to purchase the building, renovate it, and embark on a new chapter supporting and encouraging the arts in Sacramento.

I had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser event, TV Dinner 2, this past Saturday, May 10th.  The event featured cocktails and a silent auction, dinner and a live auction.

The invitation claimed “creative black and white attire.”  All the different attire options (cocktail, formal, black-tie, etc) are confusing enough without throwing in the request for ‘creative’.  I chose to interpret it as adding a pop of color via my accessories. Others chose different interpretations. I spotted a light-up tie, black and white camp shorts, striped tights, masks and more. It’s too bad all of the above wasn’t on the same person. That would have been truly creative.  Everyone looked fantastic.

There were some amazing pieces up for the silent auction, including a ceramic Darth Vader head and a piece that combined a bat and a paintbrush which at first glance almost looked like an axe.  I participated in a mini bidding war for a piece which declared the importance of editing, but sadly I lost. After he silent auction closed we were seated and treated to an amazing dinner from Chef Michael Thiemann (from Mother).  The desserts were delectable, the lasagna delicious, and everything else was equally delightful. I never would have thought that carrots and avocado could make such a wonderful match.  Dinner was served in a large room (with walls and insulation!) with several video installations ranging from the quirky to the strange and even a few that were a little racy (they also provided a perfect opportune for shadow fun).

It was a wonderful evening celebrating the grand (re)opening and new chapter for Verge. I know I’m looking forward to seeing the first exhibition, Champagne, on June 5th.

Until then, I’ll be looking forward to Big Names, Small Art at the Crocker and an exhibit of art created from solar panels, SolArt, at SMUD. It’s too bad both events are happening on the same night, May 22nd, as they will both prove to showcase some amazing work. Considering I have a piece in the SolArt show, I know I’ll be attending the reception at SMUD.  Hope to see you there!


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