How to stay creative

By Chantel Elder, Co-Editor

I love art.  I do however shudder if anyone references me as being an “artist”. Yaa yaa… I take pictures for a living, but I haven’t truly “created” anything for myself in what feels like a lifetime.  Artists create something out of nothing and make you stare and question and…feel. It isn’t that I am discrediting my ability to see light and make people feel comfortable enough to have a giant lens in their face…It’s just that I haven’t REALLY made anything for myself.  I haven’t created something without the worry of what the client or subject thought.  SO.  I am on a mission to be inspired.

Inspiration is a tricky thing to find.  It always seems to strike when you least expect it.  Being the impatient person I am just merely waiting for inspiration to happen isn’t acceptable.  I have decided to find it. My starting point is to literally get out there – see work, meet artists and feel and stare at  lots and lots of creative pieces. The idea that creativity is infectious isn’t new, but the light bulb went off for me very recently when Rachel Smith and I had the privilege of interviewing the artists in charge of the Bright Underbelly Project.  I walked out of their studio with a tiny glimmer of creativity and the longing for a project.  I also decided in that moment that I don’t visit artists/ galleries or showings enough.  I have a project up my sleeve (finally) but now I am addicted to the idea that artists inspire. I have spent so much time working that creating took a back burner for a very long time.

How do you stay inspired?  Please comment below if there is something you do to keep things fresh!

If you are looking to see some local art/artists to discover inspiration check out the details of the art show  below.  I will likely be there – staring and….feeling.



Menagerie. Pop-Up Art Show – May 21st @ District 30 – 7:00pm


Cost: General admission is $5, at the door, 21+

Menagerie is a brand new, non-profit, art organization that features over 20 artists each month, in large scale, one night pop-up shows. Based in Sacramento, California, they are artists supporting artists.  We just love all of these new movers and shakers of midtown.  The show will feature three musical acts, one interpretive dancer, and over 20 visual artists. Throughout the night, a silent auction, of original artwork and prints, will be held, and limited edition posters will be available for purchase.

Pop Up Artshow

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