Now Open in Midtown Sacramento: Humani Pilates 

By Laura Braden

Humani Pilates

If you’re like me, your inbox is littered with fitness Groupon and Living Social deals that are redeemed a handful of times and then abandoned far before their 30-day special expires.

So when you find a fitness routine that you adore and actually look forward to…you grab on and hold tight.

Enter Humani Pilates (2020 I Street) (WebsiteFacebookInstagram) – the only studio on Sacramento’s grid (#midtownSac for the win!) that offers group Pilates classes on reformer machines.

Why is this amazing? Because as much as I enjoy Pilates mat classes – the machines work…way better.

Pilates instructor
Maria Bardet, founder of Humani Pilates!

The easiest way to explain Pilates is that it’ll make you longer and leaner. It’s all about slow and smooth movements (think underwater ballet) to build strength. It will help you stand taller, sit up straighter and feel….more open physically. Yeah, that last one is harder to explain, but I leave every class walking like a ballerina. (Check out a full description and history here.)

Humani Pilates was launched by 27-year old Maria Bardet. A former politico, Maria started Pilates as a hobby…then started teacher training and gaining certifications…then started teaching classes before work…and then on her lunch break…before realizing that this was her calling. She found an adorable space located next to Trumpette (with a parking lot!) and took the entrepreneurial plunge.

She’s absolutely wonderful – sweet and funny – Maria walks around to each student repositioning and encouraging them every step of the way, which is awesome, because technique is so critical to maximize your Pilates workout.

Humani offers convenient group classes MondaySaturday. She has 7am’s for the early risers and 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes. The best part? You don’t get gross and sweaty so it’s totally possible to head back to the office or a work reception before calling it a day.

Every class has a different routine, and the time flies by. She also plays “normal” music (Muse, Shakira, etc), and provides water/tea and all the toiletries you need to get on with your day.

Classes are $23/per, and she offers twice-a-week packages ($149) and unlimited monthly packages ($239). This may sound steep but elsewhere, group classes will run $30-50 with private lessons running $65-95. Yeah, that’s because it works people! #YouGetWhatYouPayFor

Still nervous or hesitant? She offers complimentary classes on Saturday morning. Try it out – you won’t be disappointed.

Working the Pilates machines!
Working the Pilates machines!

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