Mother’s Day: What it means to you

By: Yessenia Anderson

Yessenia and her baby boy
Yessenia and her baby boy

A year ago I was a waddling around with my perfectly round baby bump – a third of the size it would eventually balloon into. Days before Mother’s day I had no idea if my husband and I were to be parents of a sweet baby girl or tough little boy. We were still walking the land of the unknown and man when they say ignorance is bliss is it ever. You hear of the multiple late night wake up calls but it doesn’t quite set in until you wake up on the couch with a kink in your neck, drool on your chin and baby in arms.

Flash forward twelve months later and all reality has set in. As Mother’s Day approaches, now fully informed, what does this day of praise mean? For some it’s a milestone a medical diagnoses said you would never reach for others it’s a chance to reflect on the smooth journey that led to this mile marker. Whether you breast fed, co-slept or decided to go back to work whatever parenting style you decided was best for you and your little one it’s safe to say this day has one undisputed meaning.LOVE.

It’s the kind of love that you sacrifice sleep for. The kind of love that makes you care less about the messy bun on your head and more about the warm beanie on his. A love that borders on insanity as you smile back to the only grin your colicky baby has shown in hours. It’s an overwhelming type of emotion that comes over you like a wave and you suddenly find yourself crying uncontrollably over the latest sappy Gerber commercial with no way of justifying the meltdown to your freaked out husband.

Mother’s Day highlights a band of misfits, the ladies out there worrying about how much milk your infant is getting, or if your toddler is sleeping enough or if you failed in not potty training earlier. It’s a 24 hour celebration of the accomplishments made around the clock, year round, day in and day out.

On May 11, 2014 I will hold my almost 8 month old precious baby boy proud to be his Mother for what that means to me. A bit more knowledgeable in the way of infant care my bliss is no longer generated from the unfamiliar. My happiness is now derived from knowing. Knowing the way his tiny fingers feel brushing up against my chest, knowing the sound he makes when he’s hungry and the bashful smile that greets me at the door.

May this Mother’s Day be what it means to you…and if you’re really lucky let it mean a mimosa and a nap!

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