Worth It? GwynnieBee.com

by Danielle Ball

Anyone who has ever spent a day shopping for plus size clothing knows that it is no easy task. In the few stores that do carry plus sizes, the options are often matronly, shapeless tunics and or strangely high-cut pants.   If you do find an acceptable outfit, it’s likely to cost two to three times the amount of what one would pay for straight sized clothing.  It’s enough to make you wish the perfect outfit would just appear on your doorstep. With GwynnieBee.com , your prayers have been answered.


What It Promises?

It seems as though there’s a subscriptions for every desire, but this one promises access to thousands of styles, quickly delivered to your door, for a subscription fee ($35-159).  Have a big interview coming up? Add a new blazer to your closet. Feel like going dancing? Order a sequin dress for the occasion. Hot date coming up? Try a sexy top.

How it works:

Once you have created an account and committed to the service, simply browse the collections and add selected items to your online “closet.”  Like magic, a new outfit appears on your doorstep within a few days.  Bonus! – Just drop the worn clothes in the prepaid mailers and don’t worry about doing the cleaning.  The hardest part about the whole process was actually parting with my new lovelies after all the compliments I received when wearing them. Turns out, the company has a solution to this quandary as well. Simply log in and tell them you want to keep the item(s). They’ll sell it to you at a major discount and you can wear it to your little heart’s content.

The Verdict? thumbs_up

Worth it.  This is one of the subscriptions that I have enjoyed the most. Not only did my wardrobe significantly improve, but I was able to discover new brands and try new silhouettes without spending outrageous amounts of money. If you’re still on the fence, you can try it free for 30 days.

Feeling optimistic, I initially chose one of the higher subscription packages during my trial period. At the click of a few buttons three items were shipped to me the next business day.  Once my trial period was up, I did decide to reduce the number of items that I had out at once (due to this new thing I’m trying called “budgeting”). I definitely think this subscription is worth it, and am willing to make sacrifices in my budget to continue getting these lovely packages at my door!

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