Sacramento Big Day of Giving – May 6th

By Eileen Speaker (Guest Blogger)

24 hours, 400 local nonprofits, and 1 million dollars. What am I talking about? The BIG Day of Giving on Tuesday, May 6th, of course! GiveLocalNow is partnering with Placer Community Foundation, Sacramento Region Community Foundation, and Yolo Community Foundation to coordinate the region’s first 24 hour online giving challenge.

The Arts Day of Giving last year was a smashing success which raised over half a million dollars for arts organizations, and May 6th,2014 promises to be even bigger – with a goal of raising one million dollars (yes, I know, that makes me think of Dr. Evil, too) for important local charities.

You may be wondering how to know these organizations are legit. Are you curious who sits on their Board of Directors? Want to take a peek at their financials? Interested in reading more about their programs and needs? Giving Edge is your friend. On this website, you can check out an apples to apples comparison of all of the participating nonprofits and decide which organizations you’d like to support.

The BIG Day of Giving is what we all want: collaboration, innovation, and creativity right here in the Sacramento region. We want to use this 24 hour period to put it on display, celebrate it, and demonstrate our overwhelming support of it. This day is remarkable because in every other community across the nation that has hosted a giving challenge day, millions of dollars have been raised and the number of new donors to the nonprofit sector has increased exponentially.

Aside from donating, you can also help spread the word! Tell a friend or two or seven why you donated and use the official hashtag, #givebigdog, in your social media posts. This is an opportunity to be part of something really big. Please join us!





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