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Every year Girls on the Grid parties with a purpose and partners with WEAVE for Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette (SMEBB) contest. Thanks to all of you, we raised $7,000 (YES!) for WEAVEat this year’s SMEBB finale party AND the amount is growing thanks to the SMEBB Walk-a-Mile teamOur O.G. SMEB winner, Patrick Harbison, went above and beyond this year to further help WEAVE by assembling a team  to participate and raise funds for WEAVE’s annual Walk-a-Mile in her shoes event which takes place this Sunday, April 27th at Capitol Mall. We asked some former SMEBB dudes a few questions about Walk-A-Mile and how to get involved with Sunday’s event. 

Girls on the Grid: What motivates you to continue to participate each year?

Edward: SMEBB Winner 2014

Edward Andrews: As the most eligible bachelor in Sacramento in 2014, this event motivates me to really understand what girls go through on a daily basis. All the proceeds go to a fantastic cause. Not to mention I can probably skip “leg days” at the gym for the next week after the mile is over!

Patrick Harbison: I first got involved with WEAVE four years ago when a buddy enlisted me for his Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes team. Since then, my feet have healed and my affiliation with the organization has grown deeper. I’ve learned in great detail about the amazing work WEAVE provides vulnerable women and children throughout Sacramento. This year, in conjunction with Girls on the Grid – and some of my fellow bachelor brethren – I’m walking again. There are many reasons people walk, all valid. For me, this year, I’ve chosen to walk because every person – man, woman, or child – deserves to be safe. Safe from abuse, safe from bullying, safe from harm. WEAVE provides a safe haven and resources to ensure that those in need are protected, and because of that I couldn’t be a prouder participant.

Matt Ruggiero: This is my first year participating in the event and I’m excited about it. Pat Harbison, ‘the captain’, came to me with his idea of the Dream Team and I immediately jumped on the idea. WEAVE is a fantastic foundation that wants to end violence in our community and I’m a huge supporter. So everyone that’s reading this… please donate whatever you can to this great cause.

Matt: SMEBB Winner 2012

Colin Roe: Straight up: it’s a great event that benefits an organization that has a profound and positive impact on our community.  

Nate Udy:  This is my second year participating in this event and I do it for two reasons. One, it’s for a great cause and two, it’s a fun event to laugh and make fun of each other trying to walk in high heels. We all look like newborn giraffes talking our first steps.

Greg Shirey: This is actually the first year that I am participating in the event but I would have to say that this year I was motivated to start participating in the event because it seemed like a unique way to raise money for a fantastic cause and brings attention to a charity that reaches out to help women who have really ended up in a bad situation by no fault of their own. As for even just walking in high heels, I have always thought that it looked challenging and it’s interesting to be put on the other side of the fence to see what it is really like, albeit with a bit hairier of legs. It’s also hard to say no to give back with a group that was put together during such a great experience with Sacramento’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette.

GOTG: Specifically what do the proceeds of this event benefit?

Patrick: SMEBB Winner 2010
Patrick: SMEBB Winner 2010

PH: WEAVE provides an array of services to women, men and children in the greater Sacramento region who have experienced domestic violence or have been sexually assaulted. WEAVE also works as part of the Rescue & Restore Coalition to support victims of human trafficking.

GOTG: How do you pick out the right pair of heels and are your feet sore after the event?

MR: I’m going for style over comfort which is probably going to kill my feet, but hey, ladies suffer to look good for us gentlemen and now it’s my turn to suffer for them. My only experience with high heels was a foot race on Good Day Sacramento with the other SMEB team members. I have to say that my feet were killing me afterwards. I give ladies props for wearing those things!

EA: Girls tell me the ones with the red bottoms are a big deal. I couldn’t get my hands on any of those. I’m still trying to find some with a nice air bubble. Much to my chagrin I don’t think those exist. So I’m going with a standard pair and hope for the best.

Nate: SMEBB Nominee 2012
Nate: SMEBB Nominee 2012

NU: I mainly choose my pair of heels based on comfort. Last year I had horrible heels and my feet killed me in a matter of minutes. I was in pain two days and had blisters for a week. All I can say is kudos, ladies.

PH: Well… What kind of bag do I have? How am I accessorized? Am I going out afterward? Are these one-timers or can I wear them to another wedding… I mean I’m not trying be stuck forever a bridesmaid. Really though,  I just ask (GOTG co-editor) Rachel Smith and make sure my shoe game is meaner than the rest of Team SMEBB. Am I sore? Tired? Sure. But you know I got sole. Wait, that was terrible.  Truthfully though, they hurt a little, but with legs like this, I spend most of the time running through everyone’s mind. Wait, that was also terrible.

GS: I think I have to pick out ones that are a healthy medium, they have to be crazy enough to get some laughs but also not look too extreme where they might try to kill me within the first 30 feet. I probably just spelled out the opposite of usual requirements for high heel purchasing. However, I’d like to keep the injuries anywhere in the range from cuts and scrapes to non-life threatening and disability inducing. I am just hoping that there isn’t any grating along the course or any other bogies that might throw a wrench in to the works. Having never done the event before, I won’t be sure until Sunday (if my feet will be sore ) but I am predicting yes. I think this is a pretty safe bet given how many of my high school dances ended in one of the two of us carrying her high heeled shoes by the end of the night. Stock brokers are already saying that stock in Aspirin is a “buy” for the days following the walk given news of my participation.

CR: Stylish & somewhat comfort are key. Sore? Not too bad, it’s only a mile. Ladies typically are wearing them all day so I can manage one mile!

Greg: SMEBB Nomiee 2013
Greg: SMEBB Nominee 2013

GOTG: Where can our readers donate?

PH: Help our SMEBB all star dream team dominate the other crews. Anything counts, everything helps:


GOTG: Anything else you’d like our readers to know about Sunday’s event? How can women get involved?

EA: The Kings aren’t in the NBA playoffs this year, so really all there is to do is to come to Walk a Mile. The guys will add a bit of height, but will be moving a little slower down Capitol. Sunday Funday at its finest.

GS: I think that lots of people have put a lot of time and effort in to making this fundraising effort a success and for a great cause. Lots of people pay a ton of money to see comedy every year and this event is sure to rank among the best so I hope that people will be motivated to give to this worthy cause when they see us attempting to do what it seems like women do so effortlessly and make look so graceful so often

Colin: SMEBB Nominee 2012
Colin: SMEBB Nominee 2012

CR: I encourage guys to participate in this event next year or find another similar organization that is making an impact and get on board!

PH: All ages. All interests. All important. Come ask questions, be a part of the fun, and more importantly lend your support, time, and voice to one of the most worthy causes around. Also, I’ll be drinking vodka and walking in high heels so you do the math.

 MR: Come, have fun, donate whatever you can, and cheer on the SMEB Dream Team!








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