Local Camp Helps Kids Dealing with Grief and Loss

camphopeBy Laura Braden

There’s never a good time to lose someone you love, but when you’re young and lose a parent, sibling, grandparent or best friend, the impact can be particularly severe. You no longer feel safe or secure. You question the meaning (and point) of life. And you struggle to trust and open your heart to new people.

That’s why places like Camp Hope can make all the difference in the world.

Located in Camp Arroyo (outside of Livermore), Camp Hope is a unique weekend designed to help children through the loss of a parent and/or close loved one. Camp Hope is staffed by volunteers who have also experienced loss, allowing them to better connect with the kids to help them make new friends, gain confidence through new activities and learn to express their feelings in a productive way. Activities include everything from swimming and hiking to rock climbing and ropes courses. It’s open to kids aged 6-17 and is offered for FREE to all attendees.

But that “free” part only happens if our community opens their hearts and wallets.

You can donate online or better yet, head down to de Vere’s Irish Pub on Thursday, April 17 at 5:30pm for the 6th Annual Camp Hope Happy Hour (RSVP here). They’re suggesting a $30 donation (it costs $250 to send one child), although any amount is appreciated.

And if you’ve been through something similar, consider donating your time as a camp volunteer. Everyone’s grief is unique, but there’s no better way to honor your journey than by supporting those currently struggling with sorrow and heartache.



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