Peel’d Cleanse or: How I learned to Stop Eating Bacon and Love Juicing

By Brianna Nathan

I’ll be the first to tell you I love food. My diet generally consists of comfort food, ridiculous amounts of pork, and baked goods for DAYS (oh, and don’t forget the bourbon). That said, no one was more surprised than I when I signed up for a week-long cleanse from Sacramento’s very own Peel’d.

I think we can all relate to the panic felt as swimsuit season sneaks up on us – your New Year’s resolutions have long since been abandoned, you might have consumed an obscene amount of chocolate on Valentine’s Day, and suddenly March is staring you right in the face. Desperate for something to get me back on track, I began looking for a local juicing company.

Cleanses offered by big-name juice joints in San Francisco and L.A. might be wonderful, but I can’t justify shelling out a few hundred dollars for the privilege of giving up solid foods for a week. When I read about Peel’d (Facebook) I was excited to see that a) their price point is reasonable ($99 for 5 smoothies and 10 juices, 3 drinks per day); b) they deliver within a 10 mile radius of the Capitol; and c) you can still eat food. Hallelujah! A cleanse for people without the willpower to drink lemon juice and cayenne pepper for days on end? Sign me up.

1052588_348716548601448_1122523503_oAnd sign up I did, scheduling delivery to my office every day for a week. I received a welcome email detailing the plan for the week, how to prepare, and what I could eat during (in short, anything vegan).

The email promised deliciousness like the “Green Goblin,” a mix of kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, lime and ginger. It also provided helpful recipes that I could use throughout the week, and offered encouragement as to how to handle meals outside of my plan. I felt very well prepared for the week ahead, though I do have to admit I was nervous about going vegan for an entire week.

So it began.

The girl who delivered my juices for the day was incredibly nice to our receptionist. Big plus. The tray of juices received some strange looks from my officemates, but I’ll be damned if they weren’t pretty tasty.

I went through the first day thinking it wouldn’t be easy, but it was definitely do-able. That was, until I got home and was hit by every craving imaginable. Chocolate, cheese, meat, fried food, a nice glass of wine after a long day… I wanted it all. And you know what? I ate a (small!) bit of cheese.

I’m not proud, but I’ll admit it. It’s my first cleanse. Give me a break.

The next 4 days were much easier. The majority of my cravings subsided and I actually began to enjoy the cleanse, which featured a variety of smoothies and juices over the week. I felt refreshed, energized, and I was sleeping more soundly. At one point, I even considered extending the cleanse another 5 days… then I realized how much I missed carbs and promptly scrapped that idea.

I ended the week down a few pounds and, more importantly, feeling great. I was impressed by the emails I received from Peel’d, which made it feel as though I had a support network cheering me on throughout the week. It was perfect for those of us not hardcore enough to subsist on lemon juice and willpower alone, and I still got great results. I’d recommend Peel’d without hesitation to anyone looking for a not-so-intimidating foray into the wonderful world of juicing… and it doesn’t hurt that they’re incredibly convenient! In addition to their storefront at 2030 ½ H Street, they’re at the Midtown Farmers Market every Saturday – and did I mention they deliver?

I’ll be honest: I’m not giving up bacon anytime soon. However, it’s nice to know that not only is it possible for me to eat fruits and vegetables for a week, but also that I like it! I’ve discovered some great recipes to add to my repertoire, and I’m healthier. I’d say that’s a success!


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