Review: Three Women and an Armoire

By Chelsea Irvine

I recently had to make a substantial furniture purchase. Like, a purchase to furnish half the rooms in my (GIANT) 955 square foot midtown shack. Yeah, yeah, I realize most people wouldn’t consider that a substantial purchase, but as I am one of the 14 percent of women who loathe the thought of shopping, to me the challenge felt epic.

After a recent “living situation adjustment” (hey, hey politically correct!), I found myself in need of purchasing new sofas, an entertainment center, a dresser and a nightstand. Clearly, my little shack had suddenly begun looking pretty bare.

My first inclinations were to look online, as any normal 21st Century consumer would. After about twenty minutes (that felt like hours upon hours) of checking out IKEA, Target, Crate and Barrel, Macy’s and numerous other big box shops (yes, I can search all those sites in a matter of less than a half an hour), I gave up. So what if my company would have to sit on the floor?  So what if I had to sleep on the world’s most uncomfortable futon for a while? And those clear plastic tubs from Target make great dresser stand-ins, right?

Clearly this anti-shopping plan was not going to work.

So, after leaving the office a bit early the next Friday afternoon, I decided to swing by Three Women and an Armoire (304 North 12th Street) (Facebook), just to “see what they had,” AKA pretend to look around for five minutes and leave, furniture-less and defeated.

However, all my illusions of defeat were quickly shattered when, the moment I walked in the door one of said women invited me in, asked what I was looking for (twice, because I always give the “just looking!” brush off on the first ask), offered me a mini tour, a chair and a plethora of catalogues.

Apparently, these ladies, who have been in business for nearly 20 years, have fabulous relationships with manufacturers and are able to skip those pesky middlemen (aka R.C. Willey and his cronies) and can offer the best prices in town on the same new pieces you’d find in those other stores.

Interior, Three Women and an Armoire
Source: KatieDID

You mean I don’t have to venture to Boresville and conquer the Galleria?  SOLD!

Within an hour, I had perused the catalogues, sat on the tester of my perspective sofa, picked out an amazing mahogany dresser, found an entertainment center to suit my needs and arranged for delivery within a few short days.  With the help of these lovely ladies, my furniture shopping nightmare was over.  I may have given the owner a hug.  And almost cried.  Hey, I get sappy when I am able to narrowly avoid another shopping trip.  I perhaps might have even offered up my first born child (I guess it’s good they did not accept my offer, since I have no first born child, nor plan on having one).

Now my house is fully furnished with lovely pieces that fit my space perfectly.  I’m happy, my friends have comfortable sofas to drink copious amounts of wine on and nobody can see my entire wardrobe through my plastic tub dresser.  Three Women and an Armoire FOR THE WIN!

So, the moral of this story is: Go to Three Women and an Armoire for all your furniture needs.  They are amazing to work with, have the best stuff (new AND antique) and have the most smokin’ deals in town.  Thank you, Three Women and an Armoire!


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