GOTG Favorites: Getting Healthy in 2014

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AMY: I’m working on being more diligent about rest days and taking care of my body. I have a tendency to work out too hard, too much and for too long which leads to expensive and unnecessary injuries. So I’m ratcheting up the self-discipline to rest and ratcheting down the crazy need to work out without rest days. As they say in yoga: exercise and rest are essential for health. I’m also working on sleeping an adequate amount and keeping my eating very clean. Easier said than done!

ALANNA: Getting healthy in the New Year means something very different to me than it has in the past. In years prior, I would mention running more, getting to the gym five times a week and curbing my candy addictions. While I still maintain that those goals are important to overall health and well being, this year will be an exercise in mental health. Last year rocked my world in ways I never saw coming, ways too private to share to the entire Internet. My goal for 2014 is to look past these obstacles to see the good that remains in our lives. I plan to strive to continue the quest for fixing all that is broken, but also taking the time to realize that you can always make time for optimism and, that a dedication to the glass half-full mentality is stronger than any prescription a doctor has been able to give me.

JAMEE: I don’t make New Year resolutions because I think they are silly. I do, however, set goals. Daily, Weekly, get the picture.  Since having my daughter in May, I have a few extra pounds that I need to lose. I made a commitment to get in the best shape of my life this year. With that being said, I joined P20 Pilates (2012 P Street) and have fallen into workout heaven. This place is the best and worst thing to happen to my body. I joined the 30 day challenge (points per class system) and have been going every day since the 2nd. Who am I? I come home dripping with sweat. Like the ugly kind where it looks like you just got of a shower and smeared mascara all over your face. Some of the classes they offer are Inferno Pilates, TRX, Bikini Butt, Kettle Combat and Abs. The classes are primarily an hour long and are taught by some pretty amazing teachers ahem, Danny Castillo? MMA fighter? Every one of them make you feel welcome and give you the right amount of push to keep going even when your body says STOP…IMMEDIATELY! I leave there feeling good about my body and my mind. I genuinely focus on the practice and leave the overwhelming to-do list at the door. Gyms are always popping up around town but I truly feel P20 has what it takes to be here for the long haul and by the size of their classes they may need to get a bigger space in the near future. If you live in the Sacramento area and are looking for a new way to get fit. Check out P20 Pilates! They are starting a new 30 day Challenge in February! Do it!

JULIA: Given that I am now a (somewhat) broke graduate student now, I had to give up my pricey Capital Athletic Club (1515 8th Street) membership over the summer. A hundred dollar gym membership on a grad student budget just would not have worked! Since then, I’ve become so busy with school that finding the time to workout has proved very difficult. About a year ago, I started Insanity with my fellow GOTGers Chantel and Jamie. I loved the results. So when I saw the infomercial for the latest installment from my favorite video fitness instructor Shaun T, I was sold. T25, from Beach Body, is a workout video collection and all the workouts are only 25 MINUTES! I started the videos over the holiday break and they kick your butt! The 25 minute workouts fit in with my busy schedule and the $130 price tag was well worth it. I definitely recommend this series for all the time-strapped ladies out there. Additionally, I would love to check out classes at U Barre in East Sac. (924 57th Street) As a former ballet junkie, I love all these barre-inspired classes popping up in Sacramento.

LAURA: I hate running … no, I loathe running. It’s boring, makes my knees/toes hurt, doesn’t really burn that many calories and is boring (two mentions because it’s seriously really boring). Knowing that I’ve been wanting a new challenge, the bfriend decided to sign me and nine of our friends up for the Shamrockin’ Half-Marathon … giving me exactly 10 weeks to get ready for an event that makes my stomach hurt to even think about. So my new funtivity is jogging (the J is silent) around the Capitol in new gear, a killer playlist and trying to love it with each step. So far, I’ve run 3 miles without stopping, which I’ve NEVER done, but is only 1/4 of what I have to build up to. (#Sigh) My more experienced running friends let me in on the secret that half of your success is in building endurance to two hours of (any) aerobic activity. So I’ve been supplementing my running schedule with hot Pilates at P20 Pilates (2012 P Street). Like Jamee (see above), I’m absolutely obsessed. I haven’t worked out on a regular basis in years so the first class was extremely humbling. The 45-50 minutes of intense mat work (in a 95 degree room) flies by. The instructors are friendly/encouraging, and the music is current and distracting. They have specials right now: 7 days for $7 or 30 days for $30 so definitely check it out. I’m also stoked that the Dailey Method is opening a location at 800 J in early February, and I plan on incorporating that into my routine as well. The extra bonus (?) with this “new me” is that it’s forcing me to eat healthier and cut back on booze because a hangover and belly full of Ma Jong’s makes the 6am workouts atrocious.

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