Sacramento Wins Over the Bachelor … Maybe?

Clare1By  the Editors

Tonight is the season premiere of ABC’s long running likely the world’s most unsuccessful match making TV show: The Bachelor. This season many of us will tune in to watch one of our own: that’s right, a living breathing Girl On The Grid will compete with 26 other girls to win the heart of the hunk Bachelor Juan Pablo.

Usually the show entails fun gatherings of females with the occasional gutsy male (or just plain smart if he’s single) and wine, lots and lots of wine. Sometimes it’ll even involve a drinking game or two that requires a gulp of wine for every crying contestant, every time a contestant says “they feel a connection” or whatever trademark cliché line emerges of the season.

But call it hometown narcissism if you will, there’s just something about seeing a local lady who’s dealt with the same pool of men as you have now have to compete with women from all over the world for one man. And in the small town appeal of Sacramento, there’s really only about two degrees maximum of separation, so you either already know Clare Crawley or you know someone who knows her or you dated someone who’s dated her.

NOTE: Check Kira Rasmussen’s “bracket game” for the Bachelor!

So single or not, it should be fun to root for Clare because she may represent either the finest or the not so finest ladies of Sacramento, and hey if you’re single and she wins…err I mean gets engaged to Juan Pablo, that’s one less lady to give the stink eye to while eye balling a guy over your martini at Vanguard (or your vodka soda at the Zebra Club if you’ve really given up on Sacramento men).

***SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue to read if you do not wish to read any spoilers of the show.***

Here’s what we know about Clare’s time on The Bachelor: Because ABC covets their Bachelor results so much they took blogger Reality Steve to court over his spoiler blog, all I can say is the following is either speculation and rumor circulating around this town from “a friend of a friend”, or information from the following sites:,,

Clare Crawley, local El Camino High School alumni c/o ’99, is a 32 year old hair stylist at Mecca Salon located on the grid, who since her return has already become a micro-celebrity as her appointments are now overwhelmingly booked, her social media accounts overflowing with requests, and she has even been able to maintain her clientele with an increase in her prices. She is rumored to have made it to at least the top 3 contestants, the famous level that reaches overnight dates. Reality Steve reports that she makes it at least to top 4 which means The Bachelor crew could’ve been in my backyard filming a hometown date and I didn’t even know it! Actually, if you tuned in last night to the Bachelor Countdown a shot of the Tower Bridge already made it onto the final cut. (Oh you didn’t DVR and watch it? Yeah me neither…it’s available online to see if you’re bored or something…)

A few clips show her getting into it with some fellow contestants, and getting hot and heavy with Juan Pablo!  Supposedly all the contestants got a long very well and there was hardly any real drama, so the ABC producers may have used some of their infamous talented editing to extract some quality television drama for viewers.

There were also some great little backstage details rumored about the show itself unspecific to Clare, such as there being a dedicated individual to each contestant to essentially help ensure they look good all the times, from hair and make-up to manicured nails! (Can’t really compete with that, I’d look spectacular too if I had someone waiting on me hand and foot…hmmm…they may be on to something…but I digress!) The other interesting tid bit: there is supposedly a team of therapists available post-filming. (I suspect to help prevent lawsuits?) I mean what could go wrong with these women seeing the show air after dating a man in an isolated fantasy world they “felt a connection” with and now watching his connection with 20+ other women also unfold while in a helicopter-ride-free-reality with no one they can turn to talk to because of their disclosure agreements. Let’s hope Clare represents and makes Sacramento ladies proud! I am actually hoping she rocks it, makes it to the end, and shows all of the men of Sacramento what they are missing when they are d**king around with some of the catches like her of this town (if she is in fact a catch!). Though from what WetPaint is reporting she decides to pull a prank by emerging from the limo with a faux baby bump…if that is a sign of how she will be throughout the show, that may be an explanation as to why she couldn’t seem to find a man in this town. Hopefully she proves to be a winner, if not I’m going to need to pour another glass of some locally made Todd Taylor wine…

Tune in to the Bachelor on ABC Monday nights at 8PM Pacific time to see how our local lady Clare does!

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