Why Aren't You Married Yet?

By Michelle Kennedy

Excerpted and cross-posted from The Huffington Post – see the full column here.

“Auntie Michelle, have you ever had a boyfriend in your life, ever?”

This question, from my godson, Makaio, could have sent me over the edge, but it didn’t. Kids cut right to the chase, and I happen to love this one so I couldn’t help but laugh.

Munching on French fries in the backseat of my car, Makaio stared at me perplexed. My laughter didn’t make sense to him, so he asked again.

“No, seriously, Auntie Michelle, did you ever love someone?” At nine years old, Makaio hasn’t seen me in love, because my last major relationship fizzled when he was just three.

“Yes, Makaio, I did. I really did,” I finally answered.

“Okay, so what are their names?”

Oh boy.

I am used to relationship questions and looks of bewilderment from loved ones and complete strangers. At this point, I find other people are much more uncomfortable with my single-hood than I am. Something about a woman in her “late thirties” being unromantically involved makes other humans uneasy.

So what is it then? Are they nervous about me being lonely, or irritated that I am taking too long to find someone? I get a mixture of both.

Here are some of the more common queries we singles hear. (These have all been said to my face.)

1. “How has someone not just scooped you up and married you? I don’t get it.”

Translation: “Please tell me what is wrong with you, because I am wondering, and I can’t ask you this question outright.”

Excerpted and cross-posted from The Huffington Post – see the full column here.

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