Coconut Mornings in Sacramento

1006272_10151724219933605_2142207243_nBy Laura Braden

It may be freezing out, but a local band is trying to make our days a bit warmer.

The J Band (Twitter, Facebook) blends folk, dance and reggae to create upbeat and contemporary music. Front man Jordan “J” Lindsey (the husband of the ridiculously talented designer Misha Lindsey) describes the music as “the music Bob Marley and Bob Dylan would make after taking tequila shots together.”


The band got together during an open mic night in 2004, and they donate 10% of all proceeds to Food for the Poor, which serves the impoverished in the Caribbean and South America.

Their latest single is called “Coconut Mornings” and it WILL get stuck in your head for hours so consider yourself forewarned. 🙂

Check out their video – and yes, that is Patrick Harbison, Jamie Romas, Gin Woodruff, Megan-Bria Dietz and myself in the background. #15Minutes

You can buy their music on iTunes, and the band is playing live on Good Day Weekend TOMORROW – be sure to tune in and check them out!

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