How To Survive the Holidays with Your Family

By Lyndsey Reefer

With the holidays approaching soon you start to think “how am I going to survive another holiday with my dysfunctional family?” Sometimes you even wonder am I the only one that sees this zoo I call a family. Well you not, many people out there are just like you and stress out preparing for the holidays. Here are the top five tips to keep you safe and sane during these family gatherings.

1. Stay in a hotel if you can afford it, there’s nothing worse then having to share a bed with a relative that snores!

2. Bring a new friend; your family is most likely to be on their best behavior if there is a fresh face in the house.


3. Remember food and alcohol are great tranquilizers. Bottoms up!!


4. If you aren’t a drinker then use excuses like “I’ll clear the table,” or “I’ll take Uncle Ted home”, anything to get you out of an awkward/inappropriate conversion with the relatives.


5. Remember that people probably aren’t trying to drive you crazy, or be hurtful. They are just being themselves.


Your holidays should be somewhat enjoyable, so take a few or ALL of these tips, and use them to your advantage! Happy Holidays and cheers!!

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