Challenge: Creative (not Sexy) Costumes this Halloween

And for a contrast..last year’s hot fudge sundae (this is about how sexy I’ll go).

FROM THE ARCHIVES: We originally posted this blog on October 27, 2010. Fortunately (unfortunately?), it’s still super relevant today. Enjoy!

By Jamie Romas

Halloween is just around the corner, and this Girl on the Grid could not be more excited. The costumes, the pumpkin carving, the consumption of grotesque amounts of candy… it’s the best day of the year! But there is one tradition that I am not looking forward to this October 31st. The sexy Halloween costume.

Before you peg me as some sort of bra-burning feminazi, let me assure you: I see nothing wrong with flaunting what you’ve got. That’s the beauty of being a 21st-century woman – you can be tough, strong, and intelligent, and still wear something tight, short, and inappropriate.

But for some reason, the sexy Halloween costume just irritates me.

Maybe it’s the desperate plea for attention (nothing says LOOKATME like a Little Red Riding Hood costume consisting of thigh-highs, a bustier, and a cape.)

Or maybe it’s the lack of creativity.

I mean, seriously. All you need to do is open the dictionary, pick a word, place the word “sexy” before it, and voila: Halloween costume. Sexy nurse. Sexy banana. Sexy dining room table. I get even more annoyed when someone puts on their sluttiest outfit, adds wings/antennae/a tail and calls it a costume. That’s not a costume. That’s like taking meatloaf, pouring gravy on it, and calling it a Thanksgiving turkey.

My defining moment with the sexy Halloween costume dates back to 2002. I had just started my first year of law school, and there was a big costume party on Halloween. I decided to dress up as Michael Jackson (circa “Bad”). The red leather jacket, the white sequined glove, the aviator sunglasses, a stuffed monkey named Bubbles… I thought I looked damn good.

Until I showed up at the party. There was a sexy nurse. A sexy French Maid. A sexy Catholic schoolgirl. Sexy Little Bow Peep. Sexy ladybug. And on and on and on. It was like that scene in Mean Girls where Lindsey Lohan’s character shows up to the Halloween party in a zombie costume, while all the other girls are dressed like some variation of a Playboy bunny. Which made me think, maybe I’m doing it wrong? I mean, as law students we were constantly trying to prove our intelligence and ability to think on our feet to our classmates and professors. Maybe there was something to be said for shedding the seriousness of our everyday personas and dressing like, well, bimbos?

That’s me – on the left.

The following year, I borrowed the French maid costume from my roommate and tried it out. Admittedly, I got more (male) attention dressed as a French maid that I did as the King of Pop. But by the end of the night I was freezing, my feet hurt, and I was tired of random guys trying to do inappropriate things with my feather duster. I had way more fun the year before, when I got to moonwalk and say “SHAMONE!” all night long.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that just because a costume is sexy, it’s lacking in creativity. Some perfectly legit costumes are, by their very nature, sexy – think Madonna, Lara Croft, or the Spice Girls. These costumes are revealing, but that’s not the entire point of the costume.

Besides, Halloween is about being something you’re not. If your main goal on October 31st is to be sexy, what does that make you the other 364 days of the year?

Editor’s note: Jamie Romas would like to apologize in advance to her friends who will be wearing sexy Halloween costumes this year. She really does think you’re sexy 365 days of the year.

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  1. Allison says

    Completely agree with every single sentence in this post! Plus, what does the sexy costume mean when your work has a Halloween costume contest? Would you really where that to work? On one Halloween, I went to work in a full suit but wore a party cone hat, a huge “It’s My Birthday!” pin, and instead of a briefcase, I carried around a pinata. Basically, I wore my birthday suit to work. *badumCHHH*

  2. Jacqueline says

    I love this post!! And I agree – I tried doing the sexy Halloween costume ONE year and in doing so detoxified my system from any lingering desire ever to do that again. Like your experience, I looked hot & got a lot of attention, but I was freezing cold and got very tired of “sucking it in” all night for fear that someone might snap a candid photo, to be posted on Facebook, revealing my un-flexed abs to the world.

    My best costume to date: a picnic. Rigid, rectangular structure fully draped in a red checkered tablecloth and bedecked with all the trimmings, plastic ants included. The only skin I showed was my face, and I won the costume contest! =)

    This year? I’m a tree. Not a sexy wood nymph, a TREE. With moss growing on me and birds laying eggs in my hair. Yep. TOTALLY sexy.

  3. misbot says

    your roommate’s French maid costume. hmmm… which roommate was that?

  4. Brigette says


    Buying my Halloween costume this year (killer whale–the kind where your face is in a small opening in the mouth), the lady at the check out stand said “Oh! You could be a ‘sexy whale!'” Um, no. That’s not the point.

    Last year I was a dinosaur and got just as much attention as the french maids. I hope the fact that there appears to be several people of similar opinion, hopefully this signals a new trend.

  5. Jeannie says

    Amen to that—it’s about time women keep their lingerie in the bedroom where it belongs. Besides, I think the hooters outfits look much better on the men!

  6. Bella Q says

    Amen, amen, amen. When I saw pics of sexy cookie monster, I think the camels back broke straw. It’s insulting to think that the only thing you’ve got going is a sexy something, and by “sexy” it should read slutty. Cuz it’s always a super short skirt, and scrap for a top, high heels and little else. Not only notsexy, but boring. Good for you for donning real costumes. I wish more woman had more choice when it come to buying the costumes. In the meanwhile I guess we can all just make them ourselves. Happy Halloween by the way.

  7. Ms. Thue says

    I’m so with you!!! To me, sexy costume = lack of creativity. Jamie, remember when I went as Lil’ Wayne and we went to Local 16?! I almost got in a fist fight with that guy telling me girls were supposed to slut it up on Halloween. Last year I was a transformer (in Adams Morgan), it wasn’t much better. I almost feel like I’m giving in this year because I’m wearing a dress to be Wilma Flintstone.

  8. Jamie says

    Ms. Thue-
    Indeed, I do remember your “Weezy” costume of 2008. I believe I was dressed as Ellen DeGeneres that year. Good times, good times…
    -Ms. Romas

  9. Brigette says

    Also, thanks for inspiring my latest blog post! 🙂 Everyone should get the word out.

  10. MsChick74 says

    Great post! I agree with Bella Q. People seem to be confusing sexy with slutty. A gal doesn’t have to dress like a slut to be sexy whether it’s Halloween or not. Then again, a gal doesn’t have to dress like a slut to be a slut, but maybe that’s another post entirely.

    That Beeker costume is awesome, by the way. Is that the Swedish Chef next to you? What happened to Professor Honeydew?

  11. Lindsey says

    Your costumes are fabulous! (And the article is great too.)

  12. chantel says

    Soo good! I love the ice cream sunday costume 🙂 I have a couple girlfriends that try and compete for the least sexy costume. This year they decided to be sister wives with one husband,complete with denim dresses, fake long hair in a french braid and tennis shoes. LOVE unsexy costumes!

  13. Jamie says

    MsChick74- Thanks! We made our costumes and Honeydew was just a little too hard to pull off so we opted for the Chef instead 🙂

    Chantel- I want to see pics of the sister wives!!

  14. Emma Rae Curtis says

    It’s about time someone posted about costumes that I could enjoy. These are great ideas. Much better than most of what you can find in the costume shops.

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