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By Amy Thoma

It’s Farm to Fork week!  Did you know that the Sacramento region is home to more than 8,000 family farms and $3 billion in agriculture-related exports? When we say we feed the world, we mean it!

Today I’m proud to announce a stellar team of professionals with deep experience in public markets, project management and public policy launched a campaign to bring a world-class public market to Sacramento (FacebookTwitter).

Yes, Sacramento is on its way to getting a public market like Pike Place in Seattle, the Ferry Building in San Francisco and Oxbow Public Market in Napa. And I couldn’t be more excited.  Not only will it showcase Sacramento’s emerging food scene but it will also draw tourists to town and expand the number of restaurants and foodie-related goodness.

A public market isn’t new to Sacramento. From 1923 to 1974, a public market operated in downtown Sacramento on the corner of 13th and J Streets in a building designed by Julia Morgan, the renowned architect of the Hearst Castle. For more than 50 years the market “buzzed with food sellers and their customers.” And now, we’re working on bringing it back.

Sacramento's original Public Market at the corner of J and 13th.
Sacramento’s original Public Market at the corner of J and 13th.

I’ve gotten to know the team over a number of months and I can tell you: these are people who know how to build beautiful public amenities. Collectively they’ve worked on the new Crocker, the Kings Arena, Oxbow Market, the Ferry Building and the rail yards. They are exactly who we want dreaming big things for Sacramento.

We’re already the Farm to Fork capitol of the United States and the market will be the physical capstone that shows off our efforts. Our food scene is awesome: we should show it off!

It’s time for Sacramento to act like the city I know we can be, and large civic projects are a step in the right direction.

I can’t wait to ride my cruiser by the new arena on my way to the public market to pick up this season’s almonds, grab a cup of coffee and some local cheese!

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