Fantasy Football: Women Competitors Are Here to Stay. Get Over It.

The Godmother of Fantasy Football - Jenny from FX's The League (amazing show BTW)
The Godmother of Fantasy Football – Jenny from FX’s The League (amazing show BTW)

By Sarah Pollo

It’s that time of the year again. Summer is sadly coming to a close.

And while I’ll miss the perfectly-posed bikini photos with flattering filters on Instagram (#nofilter my ass), there is a wonderful thing to look forward to (and no it’s not the retail holiday cheer that will immediately get shoved down our throats after Labor Day) – it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!

Which also means it’s FANTASY FOOTBALL SEASON! (shouted jubilantly in the same tone as Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers).

Ladies, do not cringe if you are not yet a fan of football. And chauvinists, spare us the eye rolls for being offended by the fact that chicks can be (and are) into sports. There’s plenty of room in the world of NFL and Fantasy Football for both men and women and here’s why…

To those of you who truly believe in the glory and honor of sports, cover your ears, close your eyes, you’re not going to like what I am about to say: professional football is simply a great form of entertainment.

See also: Becky Warren’s 2010 column: “Are You Ready For Some Fantasy Football?

The NFL may be the worst when it comes to creating an entertainment industrial powerhouse centered on the guts and glory of a sport. For crying out loud, commercials alone for the Super Bowl have taken on a life form of their own becoming a million dollar industry in itself…And the money behind the production that goes into the game’s halftime show would likely feed a small third world country (including the obligatory wardrobe malfunction).

If you’re shaking your fists at me right now, you probably also believe that the wrestling in the WWE is real and are still making cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas eve, thus you’re a lost cause and should stop reading right now. 🙂

Because the NFL is just another corner of the entertainment market, why limit it to just half of the population’s demographics – you know, the ones with the XY chromosomes? After all, you don’t see other entertainers like Beyonce marketing solely to women even with her female empowering lyrics in her songs. And you certainly don’t see any women getting their panties in a twist for men being just as into Beyonce as they are….SO why do some men get their jock straps in a bunch when women show interest, knowledge and charisma with football?

As for Fantasy Football, for those of you not familiar with it – it’s not rocket science. You put together your make believe team comprised of real players from the NFL, and you get points based on how they perform each week. Fantasy Football is great because ANYONE can play – especially those who read up on players, look at stats, news feeds and follow what others are saying and reporting from the field. This includes (chauvinists brace yourselves…) those of us on the other side of the gender spectrum for many reasons…

Fantasy Football makes you more vested so it engages you into the games rather than just entertaining (or boring) you. Similar to watching the most recent unoriginal season of the Bachelorette featuring Desiree Hartsock, the show becomes much more interesting when you turn it into a drinking game and“drink” every time she cries. You now have stakes in the show, and it made the terribly cliché one liners that much more interesting. So if you previously felt like all football games were created equal, and thus redundant and boring, try putting some pride, money, or alcohol on the line – that’ll shake things up and have you realizing that it is anything but monotonous!

ESPN Video: Introduction to Fantasy Football

Plus who doesn’t love anything that involves friendly competition? Uhm … let’s be real ladies, we are ALWAYS in competition (unfortunately, many times with each other) so why not put these competitive tendencies to good use? Fantasy Football is a GREAT outlet to size each other up, mean mug and talk badly about people to their faces (and behind their backs) with a healthy element of minor gambling added to the mix.

It’s all in the details with Fantasy Football as well. Ladies, we LOVE paying attention to details and over-analyzing everything – why else would Pinterest exist if we didn’t?

In Fantasy Football that translates to looking at which running back to play based on which team they’re playing that week and whose defense is notorious for shutting down their opponents running game. An extra bonus: you will be too busy over-analyzing your Fantasy Football team line-up to be over-analyzing the one-worded text message that one guy sent you after that awkward first date last night. Hail to the V! Your over-analyzing tendencies are now being put to good use!

There are still men out there who are offended (and insecure) about women being into football who behave as though we have violated their manliness by getting our estrogen-covered hands on “their” Fantasy Football leagues.

But those men are irrelevant and belong in the same arena as the types who would say something like “Awe that’s cute that you went to college, now go back to the kitchen where you belong and make me a sandwich!” #SorryNotSorry to the idiots out there. Chicks that dig sports and rule you in Fantasy Football are here to stay and we are growing in numbers!

So ladies, if you haven’t already stepped into the world of NFL and Fantasy Football, nothing should be holding you back, get in it to win it! Plus the drafting parties are usually filled with amazing food, beer and wine! What’s not to love?

Want to Join the Fun? Most Deadlines are Sept. 4 So Join/Create a League Today!




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