Tomorrow Night: The Prince and Michael Experience

Prince & MJBy Katie Mattesich and Brook Taylor

It’s a question as old as you. More polarizing than Republican vs. Democrat. More impassioned than Israel vs. Palestine (sorry RITK). And more timeless than chocolate vs. vanilla.

The question of course is… Prince or Michael Jackson?

And this Friday, two of Sacramento’s most venerable social organizations – Reason to Party and The River City Social Club – seek to answer this question with a special event at the Assembly (10th and K). Sacramento’s first ever Prince and Michael Jackson Experience complete with live impersonators, dance offs and fresh 80’s gear set to an all-night mash-up from the King of Pop and the Purple One… courtesy of San Francisco’s own DJ Dave Paul.

But first, let’s hear from both sides.

Brook: Team Prince (AKA ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prince,’ AKA The Purple One)

princePrince is quite simply the funkiest musician of all time. The Purple One is responsible for more babies being born every year than China. The man knows how to play 33 individual instruments better than most people know how to breathe; with the pinnacle being his guitar, which he wields like an axe penis.

He’s written songs that have been banned in several countries including ‘Pussy Control’ and the classic ‘Darling Nikki’ – which catalogs the night he met a “sex freak” by the name of Nikki while she was “in a hotel lobby masturbating to magazine.” MJ wrote a song about a little boy’s desire to liberate his Orca. Prince is funk, soul, and rock incarnate and his dominance reigns to this day.

I’ll close with this… both MJ and Prince played the half time show at the Super Bowl. BUT only Prince was able to make it rain… WHILE he was playing Purple Rain. Apparently, God is a fan.

Katie: Team Michael Jackson (AKA The King of Pop)

mjLet’s set aside the fact that we are talking about a Prince vs. The King. Who needs to play 33 instruments anyway?

Michael Jackson is quite simply the greatest performer of all time (Usher and JT sit your squeaky-voiced asses down). With his incredible dance moves and iconic crotch grab, he is unforgettable. Men want his dance moves, and women want, well…women just want a man who can dance like him.

Every one of MJ’s songs is an instant party starter. Put on Billie Jean or Rock with You at a party and there is a 100% chance that everyone will be dancing and even the cute guy that couldn’t muster a better dance move than the white man’s overbite until that point… will be grooving.

Don’t even get me started on Thriller- rumor has it, today’s vampire movies are a nod to this legendary music video, which started the trend with werewolves. A performer since the age of 6, MJ cannot be beat.

Regardless of your vote, come on out to the Assembly, 1000 K Street (Facebook) TOMORROW, Friday August 2 at 9:00 p.m. (Pre-party at KBar, 1000 K Street (Facebook, Twitter) at 8 pm) and dance your ass off. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door or on-line: RSVP online at

Guest blogger Katie Mattesich is an avid MJ fan, ice cream enthusiast, and Sacramento native. When not practicing employment law, she can be found on the dance floor while calling out the 8-count to anyone who will listen.

Guest blogger Brook Taylor is a press flack for the Governor’s jobs office (GOBIZ), a founding member of the River City Social Club and a 2012 SMEBB runner up. A long-time Midtown resident, he can be found on a patio enjoying a great beer or rallying the Oregon Alumni Club of Sacramento, of which he has been President for six years.

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