Donuts and Health Coaching in Sacramento

By Mia Davis

As a holistic health coach from Chicago, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the farmer’s markets, Sacramento Natural Food Co-op and community gardens since moving here in Fall 2012. I have noticed since then that Sacramento has another interesting and contradictory food fixation — donuts.

As a Midwest girl, I’ve seen my fair share of donuts, bakeries, and specialty sweet shops. You can’t drive on any major street where I come from without seeing a Dunkin’ Donuts around.

It’s different here, though. The mom and pop donut shops are alive and well – from Marie’s on Freeport Blvd. to Doughbot Donuts on Tenth Street – donuts are everywhere and people love them, including my clients.

What do I think about this? How should a holistic health coach feel about helping women to lose weight in a city populated by donut shops with a cult following?

I didn’t give it much thought until June 7 – National Doughnut Day. Oblivious to the holiday, I watched people flood into Doughbot and pop out with small pink boxes. That day I became more aware of how many of these shops I pass on a daily basis going through Sacramento. It also made me think of my role helping women finally fit into their skinny jeans. Here is the conclusion I came to…..

I am not the donut police.

Nor am I a drill sergeant or anyone’s mother. I’m not the kind of health coach to smack the greasy bag out of your hand or make one feel ashamed for their food choices. I keep myself in check about that. I may eat kale chips while watching a film at home, but not everyone is at that point–or wants to be.

I make myself available to those women who are ready and willing to shed pounds in a way that doesn’t deprive them of simple pleasures–like donuts, red wine or boutique hopping. Rigidity has never been my thing because it’s not sustainable. I provide the awareness, strategy, and support—not finger pointing.

So as I walk past the quaint shops filled with maple bacons, coconut creams, and chocolate cinnamons, I don’t shun those indulging in the treat. I continue on my way, organic strawberries in hand, and loving the sweet smell of choice. This Midwest girl could get used to Sacramento.

Guest blogger Mia Davis is a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, women’s wellness speaker, writer, foodie, and founder of Blissful Chicks Wellness. She helps women lose weight and get healthy without depriving themselves of pleasurable foods or experiences. Check out for more info on Mia and blissful weight loss. I can be contacted at and on Facebook.

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