Top 5 Sacramento Bars (for Babies)

Source: NY Times

By Jamee Sims

Yep, this article title is no typo.

If you’re like me, you’ve been affected by the 2013 baby boom. Either you had one … or are having a little one … or your friends are. These little people are taking over the grid!

Which means that your choices for a tasty beverage location have also likely changed.

And as a new, first-time mom, here are my top 5 places on the grid that are baby-friendly … and where the adults can still have a good time!

1. 33rd Bistro (3301 Folsom Blvd)

With their wonderfully consistent menu the choices of drinks are plentiful. Enjoy a glass of vino on the patio and rock that sweet baby to sleep!

2. Paesanos (1806 Capitol Ave)

Some babies like the sound of white noise. How about the buzz of Capital Avenue? This is a family-friendly restaurant that serves great food and even better sangria!

3. Cafe Bernardo (multiple locations)

There is a full bar next door at their R/15th and K/10th Street locations so if you can pick a table close enough to their patio you still feel like you are “in”!  Cupcakes and booze are not just for your 2am binges anymore.

4. Tres Hermanas (2416 K Street)

The food is amazing and you’ll need lots of it if you have more than one of those heavy poured margaritas! The patio is stroller accessible and has an enclosed fence. Score!

5. Hot Italian (1627 16th Street)

This place is always loud and bustling which is perfect for you and your fussy baby! Not to mention, those large windows are ideal baby gazers. Gelato, pizza, wine and coffee all in one location? Somebody pinch me!


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