Saturday: 5th Annual Race for the Ring

By Chelsea Irvine

Looking for a fun and unique way to get to know the Grid, while doing your part to support an amazing local cause?  You’re in luck!

This Saturday, July 13, is the 5th Annual Race for the Ring (Tickets, Facebook), benefitting the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. The race kicks-off at 9:00am from the SFBFS and teams of two cruise one bikes, blades or on foot through Elmhurst, Oak Park, Curtis Park and East Sacramento, solving location-based clues and challenges while learning about these unique midtown neighborhoods. 

2012 Race for the Ring
2012 Race for the Ring

Your $50 donation to SFBFS gets your team 2 Race for the Ring t-shirts, your ticket to the after-party with a delicious lunch and live music, a gift bag of goodies and your opportunity to show off your smarts and win over $5,000 in prizes, including some great bling from Rogers Jewelry Co. All Race For The Ring proceeds go to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services which serves 20,000 men, women and children each month through six diverse programs, which include Food, Clothing, Adult Education, Parent Education, Youth Education and Senior.

Points are awarded for each correct answer, but in addition prizes will be awarded for best team name and best-accessorized bicycles… And here you were, thinking your two-wheeled demon only got to make yearly appearances at Burning Man! Break out your flashing lights and handle bar tassels and show them off this weekend!

Now that know you all agree this sounds amazing and you’re already heading to to register, let me give you a few pointers as a former Race for the Ring’er myself…

First, have a few creative phrases ready so you don’t have to tell your significant other (or whomever you choose as your partner in crime) “I think we are going the wrong way” over and over again. I’m not saying that the BF lacked a sense of direction when we participated, but I definitely wished I would have had a few positively-reinforcing comments to gently nudge him in the right direction.

Next, learn your alphabet. And get a handle on the number sequence. It’s a grid people… Numbers increase as you go towards East Sac. Letters start at the river. I’ll admit I often have to remind myself “L, Capitol, N, O, P, Q, R, S,” but time is of the essence during this event, so try to remember that old School House Rock song and you’ll be set.

Don’t get discouraged if you get a sense the other teams are light years ahead of you. Some of these people put the spandex-clad 100-mile Saturday road bike speedsters to shame. Your cruiser wasn’t built for that. Enjoy the ride and feel good that you’re huffing it for a good cause.

Make sure to attend the after party. It’s a blast getting to listen to tunes in the afternoon and get a good snack after a morning on the go. And the raffle prizes are awesome.

Now grab that bike, pump up those tires and hit the road this Saturday for a great Race for the Ring event.

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