GOTG's Two Cents on Capital Dime

Rachel and Laura with co-owner Noah Zonca

By Laura Braden and Rachel Smith

The only thing worse than “last call” on a Friday night in Midtown is not having a bar to yell “last call” at.  That’s why it’s so depressing when any of our local businesses close.

And if you’re like us, you’re still in mourning over the closure of L Wine Lounge (1801 L Street, Suite 50). It was the perfect place for a birthday party, date night or dinner with the ladies. I think Ashley and Amelia literally wept when that place closed a few years ago.

But weep no more my friends, because even though the doors on L Wine have closed, the Capital Dime (FacebookTwitter) doors have opened.

And folks, it definitely lives up to its predecessor.

We were fortunate enough to attend the media preview party last night, and we were totally impressed. Here’s the skinny…

  • The concept is straightforward: upscale farm-to-fork comfort food. And most of the menu items will be around $10. (SCORE!)
  • The owners have crazy legit resumes and it shows from top to bottom – Noah Zonca hails from The Kitchen and Rick Lobley was with Ink and Empire. 
  • The layout is pretty much the same – though they now have more booths and high tables in the front/bottom bar area. There’s some seating out front (2-person high tables), and they’ve TRIPLED the size of the back patio. It could easily hold 100 people and will likely rival LowBrau’s killer patio as the place to day drink and people watch. They also told us that they plan on hosting “Yappy Hours” so stay tuned for the next event with our friends over at Wag, Work, Wine.
  • The food and cocktails were delicious, fresh and not at all pretentious. Highlights include pastrami sliders (that we both dreamed about last night) and the Black Manhattan, which they make with amaro instead of vermouth. We have no idea what either of those liquors are, but we decided that it tasted like a rich man’s jack and joke. In a martini glass. #winning
  • We can tell that this spot will be great after work cocktails/date night/GNO. It’s classy and upscale, yet laid back. It’s one of those places you can rock your Louboutin’s or Old Navy flip flops (which Laura and Rachel tested last night, respectively).
  • There were a few misses … We didn’t like the watermelon and shrimp salad and not just because it was ridiculously healthy. It was just a bad combo – like Amanda Bynes and a mirror. Also, it was hard to determine the finished product, design-wise, because they hadn’t hung any art yet (but obviously they’re not officially open yet). And the servers didn’t describe the dishes – they just dropped the food off and walked away. (Good lord, we sound snobby. In all seriousness, the staff were totally friendly and attentive.) Hell, on second thought, guess we didn’t need a detailed description of the chocolate cookies anyway.

But all in all – it’s a crazy good addition to the grid.

They’re slated to open on July 20 – but if you can’t wait that long, be sure and stop by their booth at the Bastille Celebration on Sunday where they’ll have free appetizers from 11:30am-3:00pm.

Welcome to Midtown!

P.S. – Be sure to also check out Janelle Bitker’s review in the Bee (Capital Dime preview impresses with concept, execution).

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