Stylishly Patriotic this 4th of July

By Paola Baluyot and Laura Braden

There’s nothing more American than the idea of being an individual and standing out in the crowd. Fashion is one of the best ways we can achieve self-expression, and there’s no better time to proudly proclaim our patriotism than the Fourth of July.

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Pool Party Patriots

pool copy

  • 4th of July Float, $12 – Urban Outfitters
  • Americana Shorts, $29 – Urban Outfitters
  • Report Lynne Sandal, $40 – DSW
  • Flag Bikini, $29 (top) and $29 (bottoms) – American Apparel
  • Flag Maillot/One-Piece Suit, $48 – American Apparel
  • Flag Shades, $16 – Urban Outfitters
  • American Flip Flops, $39 – Macy’s/Michael Kors

Have fun by going overboard with stars/stripes – mix in a few new pieces with your current red, white and blue pieces, and you’ll be styling and profiling at your local pool party.

Dresses to Make Betsy Ross Proud

Dresses copy

  • Chandon Zinnia Dress, $208 – Trina Turk
  • For Love Lemons Lulu Americana Dress, $115 – Urban Outfitters
  • Seersucker Dress, $112 – Rachel Antonoff
  • Denim Shirt Dress, $25 – Forever 21
  • Flag Maxi Dress, $98 – Macy’s
  • Mariella Dress, $313 – Kate Spade

From casual chambray to preppy patriot, these dresses will help keep you looking pretty – without melting in the heat.

Stars and Stripes for the Office

Office copy

  • Stripe Jacket, $85 – ASOS
  • Slim Ankle Pant, $60 – Ralph Lauren
  • Striped Dress, $90 – Michael Stars
  • Cheetah and Floral Scarf, $175 – Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Wedges, $30 – Piperlime

Stuck in the office on the holiday? We’ve got you covered. Trousers are great for work because they’re easy to move around in, and not to mention classically chic. Spice up your attire with some fire engine red trousers or chinos – the slim-ankle fit is flattering, and they work well with most footwear. Wear it with a white blouse and top it off with some navy flats to complete the professionally fun patriotic look.

Stripes are tricky. They have the tendency to make you look un-flattering or as if you just stepped out of Hot Topic. But the combination of navy and white is super chic, especially on a fitted blazer. They’re a fun addition to any simple wardrobe. Wear these bad boys with red lips for some pop of color. When it comes to stripes during this time of year stay away from red and white. The idea is to channel your inner patriotic fashionista, not “Where’s Waldo?”.

Now, I love shoes. No, you don’t understand. I am half-crazy obsessed with shoes, especially the ones that make a statement. And what better way to embrace your inner patriot than stepping out in some funky fresh footwear? This wallet-friendly Pierre Dumas wedge has it all without looking too kitschy: the red, the white, and the blue. If Uncle Sam knew as much as I do when it comes to shoes, then these would definitely get his stamp of approval.

The main thing to keep in mind when incorporating our nation’s colors is to not go overboard. It is so easy to look outlandish when mixing these specific colors. Stick to classic pieces in patriotic hues; add some jewelry and you’ll have people saluting in no time.

Fourth of July Style on Sacramento’s Grid

And as always, support and shop local! Here are some cute fashion options that you can find right here on the grid.


Stay safe and have fun!




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