Discussion: When You Knew Sacramento Had "Arrived"

Sacramento is awesome – otherwise we wouldn’t live here. But there have been a LOT of changes over the last 5, 10, 15 years, and we hope the positive growth continues after the development of the arena and entertainment complex.

Some of grew up here – others moved to Sacramento recently. So today we take a quick look back (whatever that means for each of us) to discuss when we “knew that Sacramento had arrived.”

Alanna: Growing up in the suburbs, my parents rarely allowed us to go downtown because they thought the area was unsafe — at that time clubs were on Sierra College boulevard and across from Arden Fair mall. I’m not sure when it happened and can’t put my finger on “that moment” exactly, but over time, the stripmall hangouts have shuttered their doors and midtown/downtown started feeling safe again.

Amy: I think it was when I moved to San Diego for a few months and came home. It was one of our classic, warm summer mornings and walking through midtown with my Temple Coffee I thought, “in a lot of ways, it’s just as good here.” Then, I went to a welcome home dinner at Taylor’s Kitchen that totally sealed the deal.

Chantel: I moved to midtown 10 years ago and was located around the G & 20th area.  At the time we had Uno Mas, Noah’s bagels and Streets of London to choose from. The whole Marrs building is such an awesome addition to the midtown area and offers so many options! One random day I just looked around, and realized I had tons of options for dinner and drinks and that wasn’t always the case. The arena feels like another big “ta-da” moment!

Laura: I moved here in 2006, and the first place I visited was the downtown “mall” on K Street. Not gonna lie, my first thought (while walking down K Street) was “where and the hell have I moved to?” Fast forward a few years, and now K Street is home to lofts and some of my favorite bars/restaurants (Ella, KBar, etc). And with the arena looking more and more like a reality, I can’t wait to see the ripple effect. Fingers crossed that the development continues to be local and mixed-use.

Lisa M.: From the perspective of someone who moved to Sacramento in 2008, the transformation it has undergone in the last five years has been incredible. I will admit I dreaded living here versus the Bay Area when I made that fateful decision. I am grateful I did because I am in love with this city. A defining moment in my short time here was when deVere’s and the Mix opened; that is when I really felt like Sacramento night life could compete with San Francisco. And even though I am not a fan of Dive Bar, and the like, I am grateful for the transformation of K street that those businesses initiated. I am so happy that Sacramento will be getting the Arena it deserves; kudos to KJ for the role he has played in the revitalization of downtown/midtown. Sacramento is already on the road to become a model city and the Arena will just be the giant state-of-the-art cherry on top.

Lyndsey: I think it was the first day I came to Sacramento July 4th,05. I went on the American River to float with a group of friends I had just met the night before at a family BBQ/3rd if July party. It was the most amazing time EVER, not to mention I also meet some of friends I would now call best friends and my soon to be husband! Got to Love Summer in Sacramento!!

Stacy: It was probably around 5 years ago and I was driving through Downtown on a Saturday night during the summer and there were people EVERYWHERE. I remember thinking to myself “this town is hopping” and it made me smile inside. 🙂

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