Found: A Professional, Tattooed Woman on the Grid

By Brandy Neth-Aranjo

I am a professional woman who owns two successful businesses and I have tattoos. 5 of them. I love every piece of art on my body and I have absolutely no tattoo horror stories or regrets.

Welcome to 2013!!

I must admit: I grew up in a super conservative area of the country, and, although my parents taught me to be non-judgemental, I judged. I assumed. I stereotyped. I stared. Until I met my first tattoo artist, I thought everyone with ink must have spent time in prison. My first tattoo experience was quite the occasion, in fact, we called it “family fun night.” You see, each of my parents, my younger sister and I all got inked up at once, which made the event special. The simple butterfly that I got so many years ago seems so cliché now, but I wouldn’t change it for the world because it was a special evening that we shared together.

At that point I realized that a tattoo is not just about the art, at least for me, but it’s the thought, the event and the feelings that we remember when looking at that illustration every day. Would I get more tattoos in the future? Absolutely!

Although it’s becoming rare, I do have to deal with the occasional turned up nose when the large, pink “LOVE” is spotted on my arm. My first thought is “really???” it says LOVE… how can that be offensive?? I try not to skip a beat or become self-conscious and realize that I used to be that person, but maybe I’m the one who will debunk their permanent body art theory.

Wear it proud ladies! Walk with your head held high and strut your stuff. You are still classy, graceful and beautiful.

My top 5 when choosing a new image, placement and artist:

  1. Is this something I can stand to look at every day? (this will help determine both placement and image)
  2. What is the importance of the tattoo? (is it worth branding your body for?)
  3. Will the color look good on my skin tone?
  4. Is the artist reputable? (I only use artists who have been referred by personal friends)
  5. Is this my final answer? (If you sway between two images or placements, my suggestion is to think about it long enough to have a definite FINAL answer that you have no doubt about)

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