Wag Work Wine: Heels to Wear from Work to Dog Walk to Happy Hour

By Kristen Lowrey Larson

A couple of months ago I realized that the black patent platform pumps from Forever 21 (hand-me-ups from my little sister) were not going to last very long. My wardrobe doesn’t require a lot of business attire or heels because most of the time I work in a business casual environment. Looking at my upcoming schedule, however, I realized my one pair of pumps wasn’t going to cut it.

I set out to find pumps that I could not only wear to work but also to evening events. Sometimes when I come home before going back out for the evening I’ll walk Wembley for a few minutes so I tried to find shoes that I could walk the dog in and then head out to happy hour.

Although I had every intention of replacing my black patent pumps with something comparable and practical, I ended up buying a pair of day-glow yellow pumps (think highlighter yellow) that I justified by telling myself that “they’re totally appropriate for my upcoming trip to Miami” – and they were. The neon shoes are the Calvin Klein Whinnie Patent Pumps which are reasonably priced (around $100 after taxes, or A LOT less if you buy them at Ross like I did). For those who want a more practical color, the shoes also come in black patent which is close to the Forever 21 pair minus the platform. The Calvin Klein Whinnie pumps are the perfect height for me (about 4 in.) and the arch is high enough that they support my entire foot. There is also a gel-like cushion where the ball of the foot rests which comes in handy after long hours at the office or a PR event.

Vince Camuto Caelyn Pumps

Moving on to Nordstrom Rack, I also found a pair of nude-colored (the official color is Petal)patent pumps by Vince Camuto called Caelyn. Vince Camuto is one of my go-to shoe brands and the price was right (under $100), plus this color will go with almost any outfit. The almost 4-inch heel may be high for some, but I’ve found this hight works well with my foot.

Both of these pairs of shoes can easily go from Work to Wine (aka Happy Hour) but walking Wembley in them would be a little more challenging. The shoe that I have found that best meets all of these needs are the TOMS wedges. I have two pairs of the peep toe wedges and I’ve been eyeing a pair of the strappy wedges since they came out last summer (hint hint Andy).

Toms Wedges Black

These shoes are by far the most comfortable heels I own and there are many style options. The price may seem steep for TOMS ($69) but they are my go-to shoe when I need to be on my feet all day and long into the evening. Plus if I need to chase Wembley down the street I don’t feel like I’m going to turn an ankle in the 3 5/8 inch heel.

I’m still on the hunt for a great pair of black patent, platform pumps to take over the day my Forever 21 pair falls apart.

What are your go-to work to dog walk to happy hour shoes? Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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