Top 10 Reasons We Use (and Love) Uber

By Laura Braden

Never heard of Uber? Seriously? Then check out GOTG’s review here.

1. They open your door – whether you want them to or not.


2. Their app is the bomb-dot-com – you know exactly how long it’ll take them to reach you, you can watch the driver’s progress/route, and text them directly if you need more time (etc).


3. Let’s face it, DUIs are expensive.


4. Everyone looks hotter cruising around town in a black SUV or Mercedes sedan. 


5. Yellow Cab is totally unreliable.


6. We never have cash…and always choose the cab that doesn’t take credit cards. Uber, on the other hand, has your credit card programmed into their system. When you arrive at your destination, you simply get out of the car (after thanking your driver, of course). No tipping, no swiping – they take care of it automatically.


7. No more fighting for cabs outside of bars on L Street, J Street, R Street and K Street.


8. Their drivers flirt with you – and most of the time, that’s a good thing.


9. They don’t judge you for eating/drinking. Hell, they even provide water and mints.


10. You can rate the drivers – and they can rate you right back.


BONUS REASON? Vetting and quality control means no more creepy taxi drivers.



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