Mermaids on the Grid

mermaidBy Melissa Righero

Do you ever see those girls with mermaid hair? Blonde hair combined with mint ombre, or magenta stripes through long chocolate locks?

I see them. I see them everywhere. It drives me crazy. Because every hairstylist I go to tells me they can’t do those colors. Either they won’t. Or they just have a fear of color. And correct me if I’m wrong but what’s the point of being a hairstylist if you don’t, or won’t, get creative with hair? Isn’t that one of the perks about being a stylist? I have always viewed hairstylist as artist and hair as their canvas. But sadly so many today just stick to the basics of blondes to blacks.

So while browsing the web, I see a local friend “like” Lace Salon (116 I Street) Facebook page.

I’m curious since I hadn’t heard of the salon but so intrigued since I found endless pictures of deep jewel tone hair color, along with candy coated dream locks. All of these gorgeous heads of hair that look like they could be swimming in the shallow waters of a lagoon. Mermaid hair!My eyes had hearts in them.

Come to find out this Facebook page belonged to someone in Sacramento… Old Sacramento to be exact. And get this – the owners name is Violet (yes that’s her REAL name), I took it as a really good sign that her name was an amazing color. I quickly scrambled through her endless pictures of mermaid clients and looked at all the gorgeous hair she was creating in Sacramento. Teal and greens in soft beach waves, lovely cotton pink in ombre tips. I mean things that I would not have even imagined trying with hair, let alone pulling it off. But Violet is pro, she has been working with “fun” color for over 10 years. Her website instantly made me feel at ease, this lady knows what she’s doing with color.

Once I finished wiping the drool from my laptop, I found her e-mail and found that she was not only one talented hairstylist, but the brand new owner of Lace Salon. I made the appointment as soon as I could.

Lace has only been open for a little over a year but it’s creating a large buzz with all the “mermaid locks” coming out of it. Violet greeted me with her cute little smile and I watched her eyes grow with excitement as we talked about coloring my hair. Watching her brush the color onto the hair is truly magical. I watched my hair come alive right before my eyes. I have always loved by brown locks, but nothing made me more excited then watching peacock teal, midnight blue, and rose red tendrils appear in my hair. When everything was dry and styled, I had to cup my mouth and just stare with excitement into the mirror.

The best part wasn’t just my reaction either, it was Violets. She’s colored hundreds, maybe even thousands of heads but each time she finishes her canvas she is just as excited to see the final results as you are. She proceeded to take photos with her phone and add me to her amazing list of masterpieces on her Instagram. We hugged goodbye and I quickly scheduled a new appointment to follow up (hopefully with new fun color to try).

I have had many hairstylists but for the first time ever I have my first hair artist. And I bet my bottom dollar the next time you see a girl on the grid who looks like a mermaid – she came from Lace Salon.
Guest blogger Melissa Righero lives on the grid in her 1940’s bungalow. She runs a flower shop in Elk Grove, CA. When she’s not busy filling vases with flowers she’s playing with her two little ones, eating Nutella out of the jar, or metalsmithing silver in the wee hours of the night. Follow her at


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